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  • Emmanuel Macron will go to the Percy hospital in Clamart at the bedside of soldiers injured in operation.

  • At midday, the communist candidate Fabien Roussel will give a press conference in Paris about the legislative elections, while his party is considering an agreement with La France Insoumise.

  • The RN will launch its campaign for the legislative elections from a swimming pool in Fréjus at 5 p.m. and it is Jordan Bardella who will be in charge with a presentation of the candidates from Var.

  • Discover the results of the second round of the 2022 presidential election by city, department and region on 

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Presidential 2022: The ideal government according to our Internet users


Presidential 2022: The votes in Lourdios-Ichère invalidated after the filmed abstention of Jean Lassalle

7:45 am: “A coalition is not a submission”

First Secretary of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure justifies this morning in the pages of Figaro, his desire to rally on the left with La France insoumise in view of the legislative elections.

For him, “the lefts are not irreconcilable”, even if “disagreements will remain.

A coalition is not a submission and everyone will retain their identity,” he says.

He believes that for the legislative elections, “you need a single candidate from the left in the hundred or so constituencies where the far right can win”.

7:40 a.m .: Jean-Luc Mélenchon defends his desire to presidentialize the legislative elections

In an interview to be published today in L'Humanité, the LFI chief responds to those who criticize his approach that their reproach is valid if the president is elected "fairly with a real choice".

“But this is the third time that we have made the coup in the country of forced voting” against the far right, he believes.

According to him, presidentializing the legislative elections means “elevating an election considered as an administrative formality to the rank of an issue at the level of the presidential election.

It's already a bit of the Sixth Republic in the V”.

On the other hand, Jean-Luc Mélenchon is betting that there will be "no bonus for the president so badly elected".

7:30 am: "I was attacked because I am a journalist"

A journalist from France Bleu Creuse revealed on Twitter that she had filed a complaint "for violence with the use of a weapon" after being attacked while covering election night on Sunday.

Today I filed a complaint.

For violence with the use of a weapon.

I was attacked because I am a #journalist.

"Just" because I am a journalist.

In France.

For my job.

By covering #Elections2022.

How is that still possible?

— Fany Boucaud (@ScolastikeB) April 26, 2022

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7:20 am: Emmanuel Macron is officially president

Until yesterday, the president was not really.

The President of the Constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius, officially proclaimed his election and published the final results of the second round.

The outgoing president received 18,768,639 votes, or 58.55% of the votes cast, against 13,288,686 votes, or 41.45% for his opponent Marine Le Pen.

Note that abstention rose to 28.01% during this second round.

Well hello!

Welcome everyone to this (last) live on the presidential election.

And yes, all good things must come to an end and four days after the result of the presidential election which gave the winner Emmanuel Macron it is time to close this chapter.

Stay with us all day for this farewell live in which you will find all the political news of this day of Thursday, April 28.

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