DRC: a new vaccination campaign against Ebola launched in Mbandaka

WHO nurses administer the Ebola vaccine to a local doctor in the city of Mbandaka, May 21, 2018. Junior D. KANNAH / AFP

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The Ministry of Health and its partners launched, Wednesday, April 27, a vaccination campaign in the city of Mbandaka, in the province of Equateur, in the north of the DRC.

The objective is to stop the Ebola epidemic as quickly as possible, which has already killed two people since April 21.

The previous outbreak in this province dates back to 2020.


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa,

Patient Ligodi

About 200 doses of the Ebola vaccine arrived in Mbandaka from the city of Goma, where they were stored.

Flights are scheduled for Friday 29 and Saturday 30 April to supply the city.

Three vaccination sites have been deployed.

The campaign primarily targets front-line health workers and people who have been in contact with the deceased patients.

Already 233 contact cases have been identified and are placed under surveillance.

The objective is to control the epidemic as soon as possible and to break the chain of contamination.

The disease is currently only reported in the health district of Mbandaka.

► DRC: resurgence of the Ebola virus in the province of Equateur

Experts from the WHO (World Health Organization) are confident not only in the effectiveness of the vaccine, but also in relation to the experience accumulated by the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This is, in fact, the 14th Ebola epidemic since 1976, including

6 since 2018


In addition to vaccination, an Ebola treatment center with a capacity of 20 beds has been set up.

🇨🇩 _ Start today April 27, 2022 of the #vaccination of contacts of contacts in #Mbandaka against the #Ebola virus disease.

The #DRC has recorded its 14th Ebola epidemic since 1976. The current epidemic, declared on Saturday April 21, has already resulted in 2 confirmed cases, all of whom have died pic.twitter.com/IPetxzb5R6

— WHO DRC (@OMSRDCONGO) April 27, 2022


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