Regarding the situation in Ukraine, the government decided at a cabinet meeting on the 28th to plan to transport relief supplies by SDF aircraft to Poland and Romania, which are accepting refugees.

From the beginning of next month, we will carry blankets and other items stockpiled in UAE = United Arab Emirates.

According to the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), more than 5 million people have evacuated from Ukraine, where Russia's military invasion continues, to neighboring countries, and it has been pointed out that there is a shortage of daily necessities.

At the request of UNHCR, the government decided at a cabinet meeting on the 28th to transport relief supplies to neighboring countries by SDF aircraft as a humanitarian international relief activity based on the so-called PKO Cooperation Law.

From the beginning of next month to the end of June, we will dispatch the Air Self-Defense Force's C2 transport aircraft about once a week to carry supplies such as blankets stockpiled at the facility in UAE = United Arab Emirates to Poland and Romania. I am.

This is the sixth time that SDF aircraft have transported relief supplies as a humanitarian international relief operation under the PKO Cooperation Act since the assistance to refugees from Iraq in 2003.

Regarding this plan, the government initially planned to load supplies not only in UAE but also in India, but since it was not possible to obtain consent to accept Self-Defense Forces aircraft from India, it was revised to UAE only.

Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi "I want to issue an order this afternoon"

After the Cabinet meeting, Minister of Defense Kishi told reporters, "In response to the decision of the plan, the Ministry of Defense will hold a meeting of relevant executives this afternoon to share awareness of future policies and then order the unit. I want to issue it. "