A bill to phase out the investigation authority of the prosecution was presented to the National Assembly plenary session on the afternoon of the 27th.

The power of the people, who protested that the Speaker of the National Assembly should discuss the arbitration plan again, entered the plenary session for unrestricted discussion, which was an obstacle to the legal process of decision-making.

I will connect you directly to the reporter of the National Assembly.

Reporter Suhwan Yoo, is the plenary session continuing inside now?


Yes, it has been going on for 3 hours now. 

At the plenary session held at 5 pm at the convocation of the Speaker of the National Assembly, the amendment to the Prosecutor's Office Act, passed by the National Assembly Judiciary Committee early this morning, was immediately proposed, and the power of the people immediately requested unlimited debate and filibuster. 

Floor Leader Kwon Seong-dong, who was the first runner, gave his dissenting opinion for two hours, and now Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Jong-min is pouring out his support for the second time. 

Let's listen together. 

[Kwon Seong-dong/People’s Power Floor Leader: I can’t help but conclude that the lawmakers who propose the Inspection and Elimination Act and lead the enforcement process are just to escape from the crime.] 

[Kim Jong-min/Democratic Representative: All investigations must be controlled It should, no uncontrolled investigation, that is not democracy, it cannot be allowed in a democratic republic, there are no exceptions.] 

Next, Rep. Kim Woong of People's Power and Min-seok Ahn of the Democratic Party will speak in turn. 


So, how long can this unlimited discussion, so filibuster, last?


The unlimited discussion at this plenary session will end at midnight today. 

Originally, this special session of the National Assembly was until May 5, because the Democratic Party passed a bill to shorten the session to midnight today as soon as the plenary session started today.

If the session ends during the filibuster, the discussion is considered closed, so this time it will be over in 7 hours rather than unlimited. 

In this case, the agenda will be voted on immediately at the next plenary session.

The special session of the National Assembly had to be announced three days before the opening, so the next plenary session was scheduled to be convened on the 30th at the request of the Democratic Party.

At this time, the 'Prosecutor's Office Act Amendment' proposed today is put to a vote, and if the Democratic Party again proposes the second 'Complete Inspection' Bill, the Amendment to the Criminal Procedure Act, it will go through a filibuster of the people's power and be reviewed on the 3rd of next month at the earliest. A final vote is expected to take place. 

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, video editing: Yumira, on-site moderator: Compilation-hyung)