Regarding the emergency measures based on the price increase decided by the government on the 26th, Mr. Sakurada, the secretary general of the Keizai Doyukai, needs to fully explain what kind of economic effect the series of measures involving huge fiscal expenditure will have. I showed the idea that it was.

At a press conference after the regular general meeting of the Keizai Doyukai held on the 27th, Mr. Sakurada said that the government decided to take emergency measures in light of rising prices. I think it's a huge amount of money, exceeding trillion yen. It's early because the number of people in need will increase as energy prices and prices rise, but the urgent situation does not appear in the numbers. I pointed out.

On top of that, "How much can you expect to use for energy measures and SME measures? In my sense, it may not lead to the most important consumption. Maybe Wise Su "Pending = wise spending can be quite different," he said, saying that the government needs to fully explain the economic benefits of a series of measures. ..

On the other hand, at the general meeting on the 27th, the new deputy secretary will be Miwako Date, president of real estate giant "Mori Trust", Genichi Tamatsuka, president of "Lotte Holdings", and Akio Yamaguchi, president of IT giant "IBM Japan". Three people have been officially appointed.