Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 27 (Reporter Liu Shuo) The head of the Office of the Leading Group of the Supreme People's Procuratorate's Anti-crime and Evil Struggle said in an interview on the 27th that according to the "2022 Normalization of Procuratorial Organs' Anti-criminal" issued in March this year "Key Points of the Work to Eliminate Evil", procuratorial organs should maintain a high-pressure situation of eliminating gangsters and gangsters through case handling, deepen the rectification of key industries, and do a good job in the identification and disposal of properties in criminal cases involving gangsters.

  The highest inspection requirements are to strengthen cooperation and restraint, list and supervise a number of key cases, actively participate in the rectification of the new four major industries of education, medical care, financial lending, and market circulation, combine the pursuit of "fish that slip through the net", and deepen the rectification of "saba" and "mine". Special actions such as underworld crimes in the natural resources field and cyber underworld crimes, etc., were conducted, and a number of influential cases in related fields were reviewed and handled.

  The Supreme People's Procuratorate proposed that we must adhere to legal standards and earnestly ensure that "everyone who commits an underworld crime will not be spared, and one that is not an underworld crime will not be counted."

It is necessary to accurately grasp the nature and constituent elements of underworld crimes, distinguish between underworld-related and evil-related, evil forces and evil force criminal groups, and evil force crimes and ordinary crimes. Lowering the standard leads to the expansion of criminal prosecution. In particular, it is necessary to strictly grasp the criteria for identifying "soft violence" as a means of underworld crimes, and avoid the tendency of "evil forces" to become pockets.

At the same time, it is necessary to handle juvenile criminal cases prudently, strengthen guidance on juvenile cases involving organized crime, and strengthen the application, research, and guidance of the crime of collecting illegal debts.

  The Supreme People's Procuratorate requires that for the activities of the public security organs to seal up, seize, freeze, and dispose of the property involved in the case, it is necessary to strengthen the review and restraint of arrest and prosecution, strictly distinguish between illegal income and legal property, personal property and property of family members, and maintain the legality of citizens and organizations. Property rights and interests, and reduce the adverse impact on the normal business activities of the enterprise.

In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of mandatory property-related investigation measures and the review and identification of property-related properties, and increase the supervision of the execution of "black money" and the handling of crimes involving black money laundering.

  In terms of the placement, assistance and education of released prisoners, the Supreme Procurator proposed that while fulfilling the functions of supervision over criminal execution and cooperating with the education and assistance of prisoners, it is necessary to explore the establishment of a file database of criminal prisoners in the region. In the process of sorting out clues and handling cases, pay attention to verification and review, and effectively prevent and stop relevant personnel and organizations from "resurging" and "resurging".