You have to lift this trophy first: the silver pot with a handle weighs twelve kilograms, with the filling it is 35 kilograms.

But the Löwen Frankfurt have already mastered completely different challenges in the past season.

The successor team to the Lions has been playing in the second German ice hockey league (DEL2) since 2014, and for years there had been no promotion or relegation to or from the top division.

But now the Frankfurters have taken their chance, have become champions in the DEL2 with a flawless series against the Ravensburg Towerstars and are looking forward to a first-class future.

Matthew Trautsch

Coordination report Rhein-Main.

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For this, the team around Captain Max Faber was celebrated on Wednesday afternoon: first with a reception in the Kaisersaal, then on the town hall balcony, which they stepped onto while the anthem "Mercy, Hesse is coming" rang out from the loudspeakers.

Almost 1,000 ice hockey fans on the Römerberg cheered their team, some of them who were particularly loyal were already there in 2004, when the Frankfurt ice hockey cracks had already been celebrated on the Römerberg - at that time still as Lions for the championship in the first division.

The Lord Mayor of Frankfurt, Peter Feldmann (SPD), was less enthusiastic.

He was greeted with whistles and then attempted the intonation of "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life," which the Lions play when they concede a goal.

The fact that he said "Ravensbrück" instead of "Ravensburg" was acknowledged by fans with mocking shouts.