On Wednesday, the government presented a legal advice to the police that it would be easier for the police to obtain more information about criminals' illegal transactions so that more people can be convicted of money laundering.

In this way, the government hopes to fight gang crime.

- We'll crack the gangs, we'll chase the drug money.

Money laundering is necessary for gang crime to be successful, says Elger.

- Banks have data that is valuable, but in the current situation, secrecy often constitutes an obstacle when the police want to investigate money laundering.

The proposal contains that secrecy and the duty of confidentiality when law enforcement authorities, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and banks work together to detect money laundering will be abolished.

This means that participants are obliged to provide information to another participant.

In addition, the police authority and the Security Police must be able to request information from, for example, Swish.