Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 26 (Reporter Gao Lei) The reporter learned from the second-quarter regular press conference of the Ministry of Civil Affairs on the 26th that the Ministry of Civil Affairs recently issued a notice to deploy special rectification work for branches (representatives) of social organizations.

Among them, branches (representatives) of social groups named after "China" and "Zhonghua" are included in the scope of special rectification.

  The branch (representative) institution of a social group is an important support and carrier for the construction and development of social groups, carrying out activities and playing a role.

According to Huang Ru, deputy director of the Social Organization Administration of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, up to now, 370,000 social organizations across the country have set up 131,000 branches (representatives).

These branch (representative) institutions have played an important role in assisting government management, promoting the development of disciplines and technological progress, and promoting industry self-discipline.

  However, it cannot be ignored that the violations of laws and regulations in the establishment, operation and management of branch (representative) institutions of social groups are becoming increasingly prominent.

  According to the notice issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the branch (representative) institutions of social groups included in the scope of this special rectification include not only those using the words "China", "China", "Nationwide" and "country" in their names, but also those that exceed the purposes stipulated in the articles of association of social groups There are more than 10 situations such as those with business scope, those named after the names of various legal person organizations such as "center" and "alliance", and those who have colluded with illegal social organizations.

  "At present, the special rectification work of branches (representatives) of social groups has been fully launched. In the next step, the Ministry of Civil Affairs will promote all localities and departments to further increase daily inspections, administrative interviews, random inspections and audits, supervision and guidance, and strive to prevent and resolve social group branches. (Representing) hidden risks of institutions, and truly promote the high-quality development of social groups." Huang Ru said.