"The prescription should no longer protect polluters", this is how the column published this Wednesday by

Franceinfo begins


Antillean associations and personalities have signed a petition to ask elected officials and the President of the Republic to reform the prescription regime.

“Too often, polluters take advantage of the statute of limitations to escape any legal action.

This is what could happen soon in the chlordecone scandal, ”write the signatories.

The latter recall that on March 25, 2022, after more than 15 years of proceedings, the investigating judges of the Paris Health Center announced that they had completed their investigation into the chlordecone case.

“According to them, no one should be sent back to court because the offenses would be time-barred,” he adds while the powerful pesticide used between 1972 and 1993 in the West Indies.

Today in terms of environmental pollution, the limitation period is fixed from the starting point is fixed on the day of the pollution.

However "for certain toxic substances, the human body cannot eliminate these toxins or after a long period", advance the signatories in their petition.

They therefore propose to "shift the starting point of the limitation period to the day on which the pollution ceased" and thus prevent the limitation period from being "used to defend the interests of other manufacturers", including in the Hexagon.


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