Recently, a newly opened coffee shop in Tokyo, Japan is on fire.

  Because the store only allows entry to text workers with an imminent task (Deadline).

And once you enter, you cannot leave without completing the task. The store has become a gospel for many local patients with advanced writing procrastination.

  Each seat is carefully crafted for the writer: there is space for luggage under the stool, power sockets, USB ports, computer stands on the table, and high-speed Wi-Fi is also available in the store.

Customers can bring their own meals or order takeout.

According to the cafe's official website, the store charges for the length of stay, starting from half an hour, and adding a cup of coffee for every additional hour.

  During this time, the manager will ask about their progress to ensure they are making progress every hour.

Customers cannot check out until they reach their goals.

  (produced by Le Xiaomin)

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]