China News Service, April 26. According to the WeChat public account of the Traffic Administration of the Ministry of Public Security, the newly revised "Regulations on Motor Vehicle Registration" (Order No. 164 of the Ministry of Public Security) will be implemented from May 1, 2022.

This revision further reforms and improves the motor vehicle registration system, and introduces more new measures that are convenient for the people and benefit enterprises, including the implementation of new license plates for private cars that are exempted from inspection, and the nationwide "one-license" for passenger car registration.

Implement 5 new measures to facilitate the registration of motor vehicles

  This revision solidifies the traffic control reform measures that the Ministry of Public Security has introduced in recent years, promotes the institutionalization and legalization of reform results, and responds to the new demands and expectations of the public, and introduces five new measures to facilitate motor vehicle registration.

  The first is to implement a new license plate exemption for private cars.

In conjunction with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pre-inspection of domestic passenger car registration and production enterprises will be piloted in 10 cities before the end of May, and vehicles will be inspected when new cars leave the factory. Motor vehicle inspection.

Actively promote a new model of Internet registration services, realize online car sales, online number selection, and online registration, facilitate the rapid registration of the public, and help the development of the automobile industry.

On a pilot basis, it will be gradually implemented nationwide.

  The second is to implement the national "one-license and universal service" for passenger car registration.

For the registration of small and micro non-operating passenger vehicles outside the place of household registration, the applicant can use the resident ID card to "one card for all procedures", and no need to submit a residence certificate.

For places that have already implemented the regulation of the total number of passenger cars, it still needs to be implemented in accordance with local policies.

  The third is to implement the "cross-province handling" of vehicle information changes.

For the change of the tailgate of the truck, the auxiliary device of the disabled car, the luggage rack of the passenger car, etc., the public can apply for the change at the location of the vehicle, and there is no need to return to the registration place for the vehicle inspection.

  The fourth is to implement electronic application materials and files.

Implement electronic collection of application materials, electronic management of files, and online transfer of motor vehicle registration information to achieve "reduce links, materials, and time limits" for the handling of traffic management business.

  Fifth, the implementation of departmental information network sharing and verification.

It is connected with the information of taxation, banking and insurance supervision, transportation and other departments to share information such as vehicle purchase tax, compulsory insurance, and operation qualifications. The masses are exempted from submitting relevant certificates when handling business.

Strengthen the source supervision of key vehicles such as "two passengers and one danger"

  This revision insists on preventing risks and ensuring safety, emphasizing key management, highlighting hidden danger management, and further tightening the management of key vehicle access, preventing road traffic accidents from the source, and ensuring the safety of people's lives and property.

  Strictly review the registration of key vehicles of "two passengers and one danger". For vehicles registered for use in dangerous goods transportation, highway passenger transportation, and tourist passenger transportation, the public security traffic control department and the transportation department will check the transportation qualifications online, strengthen departmental coordination, and strictly regulate the management.

  Strict investigation of suspicions. For those suspected of illegal production, assembly, modification, theft, robbery, etc. found in the registration of motor vehicles, the public security traffic control department initiates investigation procedures and strictly investigates the responsibilities of violations of laws and regulations.

Improve traffic management law enforcement supervision system and mechanism

  This revision focuses on consolidating and improving the education and rectification achievements of the public security team, insisting on comprehensive and strict police management, improving the law enforcement supervision mechanism, and improving the standardization level of public security traffic control law enforcement.

Further strengthen the supervision and management of vehicle registration inspections and license issuance at vehicle management offices and registration service stations, and strictly investigate the responsibilities of those who illegally handle motor vehicle registration and license vehicles that do not meet the standards.

  In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the "Regulations on Motor Vehicle Registration", the Ministry of Public Security has strengthened organization and deployment, formulated special work plans, organized the revision of supporting work norms and technical standards, and guided local public security traffic control departments to upgrade information systems, transform hardware facilities, adjust systems and procedures, Prepare for implementation such as policy publicity and implementation training, strengthen supervision and inspection, and do a good job of implementation to ensure accurate implementation, strict implementation, and effective results.