Marion Gauthier 9:20 a.m., April 26, 2022

Congratulations have been raining down since Sunday evening for Emmanuel Macron, re-elected President of the French Republic and confirmed as the rotating presidency of the European Union.

Delighted with this re-election, the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola congratulated the Head of State for his "very fine re-election".

She confided in the microphone of Europe 1.

Re-elected as head of the country on Sunday evening, Emmanuel Macron received congratulations from several heads of state as well as from the president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola.

The election worried Brussels, which feared a victory for candidate Marine Le Pen and her program described as a "break with the 27".

It is therefore a relief for the entire European Parliament, as Roberta Metsola explains on Europe 1.

You were delighted to "continue the work" with the French head of state who remains at the Élysée but also retains the rotating presidency of the European Union.

Was it a relief for you to see him win the election against the candidate of the National Rally, Marine le Pen?

Yes, Emmanuel Macron won a historic victory.

There was a relief because with this victory, we can confirm an ambition for a Europe that gives itself the means to act.

Now there are hostile powers.

We have many challenges and we must be united.

During the coming weeks, we must continue to build a policy always based on peace, democracy and human rights.

In Brussels, many MPs say "we didn't believe Brexit either", was there real apprehension before the results?

We were afraid of an ever-increasing abstention, of people who do not vote because they are not represented by the candidates.

But at least we had confidence in the French people but also in Emmanuel Macron who had a clear vision and who can be the European leader we need during these very difficult times.

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Precisely, what is the role of Emmanuel Macron in Europe, is it reinforced by his re-election?

Yes, I know Emmanuel Macron, he is not only at the center of discussions, he can start pushing other countries to make difficult decisions.

He has his character, he is very respected between us.

France holds the rotating presidency of the European Union until July 1st.

What are the projects of the 27?

What are your priorities ?

Now, of course, it is unity that we need in the face of the war with Russia in Ukraine.

We must have the courage to say that we will do everything to stop the war.

But also, there are climate challenges, there is the digital transition and also politics, health and defence.

We are discussing the strategic autonomy of the European Union.

This is a priority for the French presidency and I hope to see decisions in this direction over the coming weeks because otherwise we lose the opportunity we have to do more Europe.


 Who is Roberta Metsola, the anti-abortion elected to the presidency of the European Parliament?

You say that Europeans want more Europe, but in France, the score of the National Rally breaks a record and Marine Le Pen defends a Europe of nations, the primacy of national law over European law...

This is not a uniquely French phenomenon.

Throughout Europe, we are witnessing a polarization between the urban world, with qualifications, who have access to services and infrastructures.

And there is a feeling of abandonment, of downgrading.

I think that we must all, also in preparation for the 2024 elections, provide answers to our fellow citizens who live in this anxiety, this reality.