According to the Immigration Bureau of Japan, there are 719 refugees from Ukraine as of the 24th of this month.

The breakdown is

▽ 20 people evacuated by government aircraft on the 5th of this month,

▽ a total of 37 people evacuated by private aircraft rented by the government on the 9th, 16th, and 23rd of this month. People,

▽ There are 662 people who have evacuated by other means.

The government has a policy of actively accepting refugees from Ukraine, granting a status of residence that allows a short-term stay of 90 days, and changing the status of residence to "specific activities" where the person can work and stay for one year if he / she wishes. I can do it.

If you change to this status of residence, you can register as a resident, take out National Health Insurance, open a bank account, and according to the Immigration Bureau of Japan, you can change 262 people as of the 24th of this month. It means that.

As of the 22nd of this month, the Immigration Bureau of Japan has received 1295 offers for support such as housing and employment from local governments and companies, and it is coming that full-scale support will begin based on these offers. It is expected to be after the month.

As evacuation life is expected to be prolonged, the issue is how to deal with anxieties about language barriers and employment, and how to provide necessary support.