China News Service, Phnom Penh, April 26 (Reporter Ouyang Kaiyu) Recently, Cambodia's epidemic control effect has been obvious, and the daily new cases have remained at a low level. The WHO representative in Cambodia made a positive evaluation.

  In view of the changes in the epidemic situation, the Cambodian government has adjusted its prevention and control strategy and decided to completely lift the outdoor mask order. From April 26, people are not required to wear masks outdoors, but must wear masks in closed places, such as conference rooms and movie theaters.

  According to reports, after the Cambodian New Year holiday, the epidemic not only did not rebound, but instead showed a downward trend.

Yesterday (25th), there were 2 new confirmed cases nationwide, which is a situation that has not occurred since the "2.20" community transmission event last year.

  In an interview with the media, WHO representative in Cambodia Li Ailan spoke positively of Cambodia's anti-epidemic achievements and said that WHO will continue to support Cambodia's fight against the epidemic.

She said that the World Health Organization will continue to support the Royal Government of Cambodia and the Ministry of Health to ensure sustainable control of the epidemic, ensure the reopening of all areas in Cambodia, and avoid blockade measures in any area.

  Li Ailan pointed out that in order to ensure the effective control of the epidemic, Cambodia needs to further strengthen three tasks, including continuing to carry out the new crown vaccination campaign, especially to provide vaccination services to the most vulnerable groups; gradually relax the epidemic control measures, and all epidemic prevention cannot be immediately withdrawn measures, which may lead to a rebound in the epidemic; be prepared for unpredictable epidemic emergencies.