• In the aftermath of the presidential election, the parties are already immersed in the legislative elections of 12th and 19th June next.

  • Seven weeks before the election, the political movements are trying, from the RN to LFI via LREM, LR or even EELV, to forge alliances to send a maximum of deputies to the Assembly.

  • But after a sometimes tense presidential election between the candidates, the discussions are not always easy.

Seven weeks before the first round of the legislative elections, the negotiations are going well.

The parties try to forge alliances to send a maximum of deputies to the National Assembly.

If the discussions have been launched on the left between rebels, communists, ecologists and socialists, they promise to be more explosive between the National Rally and Reconquest, the formation of Eric Zemmour.

On the side of the Republicans, we are trying to avoid the implosion of the party and the defections of certain elected officials to Macronie.

We take stock of the progress of the alliances for the ballot on June 12 and 19.

  •  At Les Républicains, the Macronist temptation and the risk of implosion

Christian Jacob tried to be firm, this Tuesday, at the end of a political office under tension.

“We cannot be Les Républicains and presidential majority, we cannot be Les Républicains and Reconquest!

We are an independent group, the double membership does not exist, ”insisted the boss of the movement, this Tuesday, defending a campaign with only the centrists and the UDI.

But for a few days, the right has been divided on the possibility of an alliance with Emmanuel Macron next June.

After the rout of Valérie Pécresse in the presidential election (4.8%), several elected LRs did belly dancing at Macronie, triggering the ire of their colleagues.

"If there is a little energy left in Denis Fasquelle, he can become treasurer of the licking committee for Emmanuel Macron", reacted strongly the number 3 of the party, Aurélien Pradié, Friday, reproaching the treasurer LR his desire to " gathering” with the president.

Others offer a government pact to Emmanuel Macron, such as the mayor of Meaux, Jean-François Copé.

Some names are also cited for a potential entry into the future government, such as the boss of LR deputies Damien Abad or the former primary candidate Philippe Juvin, who both abstained on the text voted on Tuesday by the political office.

Alliance probability: 0%


The alliance at the national level with LREM was buried by Les Républicains on Tuesday.

But the party is not immune to individual rapprochements or tacit alliances between certain outgoing LR deputies and the walkers for the June ballot.

  •  "I love you, me neither" between the RN and Reconquest

Will the “national camp” be united for the legislative elections?

The case seems badly embarked.

Since the defeat of Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election, the Reconquest party has been making eyes at the National Rally.

But the elected officials of the RN do not forget that the hand which has been extended to them for a few hours is the same which, again on Sunday evening, slapped their candidate.

"This is the eighth time that the defeat has struck the name of Le Pen", lashed Eric Zemmour, in a speech for the prosecution.

"He must deflate his head, which is huge, and stop insulting people," tackled Louis Aliot, the vice-president of the RN, Monday on France Inter.

The flame party has also indicated that it will invest candidates by the end of the week in all 577 constituencies, including against supporters of Eric Zemmour.

An incomprehensible decision for the leaders of the identity party.

Debates worthy of a “playground instead of looking at the essential issue”, or an “agreement” for the legislative elections, judged on Tuesday Marion Maréchal, the former National Front deputy who went to Reconquest.

Alliance probability: 10%


The National Rally is currently sweeping away any alliance with Reconquest, with “two or three exceptions”.

But without an agreement, the party would risk having only a handful of deputies in June, despite Marine Le Pen's 23.2% in the first round of the presidential election, and its first place in the second round in 159 constituencies.

  •  On the left, the alliance on the right path but...

The left-wing parties did not want to unite in the presidential election: the voters did it for them on April 10.

The 22% of Jean-Luc Mélenchon impose, he knows it, the other left parties too.

Everyone, from the PCF to EELV and even the PS, have called for discussion of a more or less broad union for the legislative elections.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon has set the bar very high: agree to discuss with everyone, but if it is to support most of his program and his candidacy for Prime Minister.

So far, it has not cooled the communists and environmentalists.

The discussions started well but seem to skate.

It always gets stuck on the international side – very controversial on the left during the presidential election – and European.

Tuesday morning, Yannick Jadot said he was opposed to “an à la carte European system”, as the rebels seem to be proposing.

At the PS, it's more complicated: "We open a door, without false hopes", said a member of the national council of the PS when the management decided to open discussions with LFI.

This time, it is the financing of retirement at age 60 that raises questions, yet it is a sine qua non of LFI.

A chance for the Socialists: EELV and especially PCF seem to be pushing to integrate them into the agreement.

A first meeting between rebels and socialists is scheduled for Wednesday.

Alliance probability: 50%.

Nobody really has an interest in the discussions falling apart completely.

But the deadline is short to put on the table all the angry subjects.

At stake, probably not a victory but at least the possibility for the left to become the main opposition in the National Assembly with a hundred deputies and deputies.

And respond to the "anger in the people of the left", according to Sandrine Rousseau.


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