Marion Gauthier, edited by Gauthier Delomez 07:44, April 25, 2022

With a high score in the second round of the presidential election, the militants of the National Rally want a union of the rights for the legislative elections, but the words of Éric Zemmour on the new defeat of Marine Le Pen do not pass.

Europe 1 went to the RN campaign headquarters on the evening of the second round.


"This is the eighth time that defeat has struck Le Pen's name," said Éric Zemmour, barely an hour after Emmanuel Macron's victory over Marine Le Pen on Sunday evening in the second round of the presidential election.

"Are the defenders of national ideas doomed to lose?" Asked the ex-polemicist, before calling for "the alliance of all rights".

Statements that cringe at the HQ of the candidate of the National Rally, at the Pavillon Armenonville, in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris.

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“Zemmour should have stayed where he is”

"I will continue my commitment more than ever for France and the French," launched Marine Le Pen, under the encouragement of her activists.

If some in the room voted in the first round for the candidate of Reconquest!, the words of the former journalist from


sowed misunderstanding under the tricolor flags.

"He is still inflated, after having made 7% ...", mocks a first voter at the microphone of Europe 1. "Apart from having divided the national camp, I do not see ... He should have stayed where he is,” he continues.

The militants are scalded by the attacks of their patriotic neighbor, but strengthened.

"We don't need Éric Zemmour," said one of them.

They are also determined to continue the demonization of the National Rally.

"I think that nothing good can come out of this alliance. It has gone much too far", advances another supporter of Marine Le Pen, who specifies: "The story of the first names was completely ridiculous. If it there is an alliance with Zemmour, it is that Zemmour must listen to us from A to Z almost."


- "Tonight's result represents a resounding victory", judge Marine Le Pen

The hope of the legislative to limit the powers of Macron

"He should show humility," adds RN MEP Jean-Lin Lacapelle at the microphone of Europe 1. He insists: Marine Le Pen is the battle leader of the opposition to Emmanuel Macron.

"We are not in calculations of devices. The gathering, we carry it well beyond Reconquest!. And we call on the whole of France, the France of the patriots to join us", he affirms.

"We have a responsibility, it is to defend the French against the dangers of Emmanuel Macron."

The MEP adds that the score achieved on Sunday by the RN candidate is a "hope" for the legislative elections to limit the powers of the re-elected president.