April 23, World Book Day.

The first National Reading Conference opened in Beijing on the same day, and General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter.

  In the congratulatory letter, General Secretary Xi Jinping "hopes that the majority of party members and cadres will take the lead in reading and learning, self-cultivation and self-cultivation, and increase their talents; I hope that children will develop reading habits, read happily, and grow up healthily; I hope that the whole society will participate in reading and form love. A strong atmosphere of reading, reading good books, and being good at reading.”

  On this scholarly day, with the "hope" of the general secretary, let's listen to their story with the book...

Self-cultivation and self-cultivation, growth of talents

  On the occasion of the World Book Day, in the reading room of the comprehensive cultural station of Shaheyan Town, Dunhua City, Jilin Province, a reading and sharing meeting of "Scholarly Organs" came as scheduled.

Organs and cadres who are busy with work on weekdays sit together, reread the classic red stories, and share their experience of grassroots work.

  This is a scene in Jilin Province in recent years to create a "literary organ" atmosphere and improve the quality of cadres.

As early as two years ago, the Working Committee of Jilin Provincial Organs issued a reading initiative, calling on party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members, cadres and workers to read more, think more, and practice more.

Since then, party organizations at all levels in Jilin have seized the World Reading Day, Youth Day, Party Founding Day, National Day and other nodes to carry out reading speeches, classic reading, reading essays, knowledge contests and other rich and diverse reading activities, creating a strong reading atmosphere. .

  In order to welcome this year's World Book Day, Jilin Yang Jingyu Cadre College launched a reading appreciation activity of "Reading Red Books, Passing on the Red Spirit", using the rich red resources and literature of the college library to inspire all faculty and staff to "read good books, think diligently, and summarize well." "The enthusiasm for learning... Party members and cadres who have been working for many years have exchanged reading experiences and gained growth through reading and sharing activities again and again.

  In the grass-roots party organizations, the reading atmosphere of party members and cadres is also getting stronger and stronger.

  The machines roared, the production lines were running at high speed, and the workers were busy operating.

After Jilin Province realized the social aspect of epidemic prevention and control, Jilin Chemical Fiber Group is also gradually resuming work and production, and party members and cadres are on the front line.

The more critical the moment, the more it is necessary to strengthen ideological construction. In addition to production, the enterprise party organization held a wealth of reading activities online.

  Song Dewu, secretary of the party committee of the company, is a person who loves to read.

He said, "Love and read good books" is an important part of corporate culture, and party members and cadres are the most active reading lovers.

In recent years, the company has increased its investment in building a learning-oriented party organization, and will also formulate a study plan for party members every month.

In addition to the traditional book corner, the company takes advantage of the platform function of "learning to strengthen the country", and offers 7 learning topics such as micro-party class, party rules and discipline.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping once pointed out that academics and knowledge should not just be talked about, but should be linked to reality, so that knowledge and action are unified, knowledge is learned, and learning is applied.

In Jilin provincial organs and enterprises, party members and cadres have practiced this concept one after another.

Inspired by books, Liu Changqing, a party member of Jilin Chemical Fiber Group, developed a new fully automatic top production line to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Party members and cadres read professional books to absorb the advanced experience of grassroots governance, and show their skills in the development of new economy and new business forms... The theoretical reserves are accumulated, and the road to revitalization and development is getting wider and wider.

Happy reading, healthy growth

  In order to welcome the World Reading Day, Xinhe County, Hebei Province organized various primary and secondary schools to carry out a variety of reading activities with the activities of "Youth Patriotism Reading Education Activities" and "A City of Joyful Reading, Xinhe of Books" as carriers.

  Xinhe County Feima Experimental Primary School combined reading activities with the theme of reading day, normalized personalized reading and Chinese classrooms, distributed books such as "Always Follow the Party on a New Journey" to each class, and held "My Favorite One". This book "good book recommendation activity, let the fragrance of the book overflow the campus, let the fragrance of the book moisten the innocence of the child, and let reading accompany the children to grow up healthily and happily.

  "By holding reading activities, our school has created a strong reading atmosphere and guided students to develop good reading habits. The school will carry out more activities to guide students to love learning and reading more in the future," said Fu Yuxin, the principal.

  The grass grows Yingfei, and the sound of reading is heard from time to time in the classroom of the Central Primary School in Wen'anyi Town, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province.

The third grade Hui Wenqing is sharing his reading experience: ""The Foolish Old Man Moves the Mountain" tells us that we need perseverance and perseverance in doing things, and perseverance can win..."

  Encouraging reading, discussion and sharing, and understanding are the three magic weapons of Mr. Gao Wenhui, who is in charge of third-grade Chinese teaching.

On weekends, she will encourage students to go home to learn fables, share her experience at the "reading exchange meeting" in the second week, and learn a lot of life lessons from your words and my words.

  "Starting from reading excellent articles, extending the classroom to extracurricular, allowing students to master the methods in class and practice after class." Teacher Gao Wenhui said that Wen'anyi Town Central Primary School is a rural school. Due to objective factors such as family conditions, students' knowledge The face is not open and the view is not wide, so reading is a good window and platform.

The school offers reading club activities twice a week, and more than 120 primary school students in the school will happily join them, and few people are absent.

  From these activities, she deeply felt that to cultivate children's good reading habits, it is necessary to start from children. Reading makes students better at discovering the beauty in life, so as to love life more, establish a correct outlook on life, values ​​and lofty ideals and aspirations , inspiring them to go to a wider world.

Form a strong atmosphere of love of reading, good reading and good reading

  In Liyang Old Street at the foot of Mount Huangshan, an old Hui-style house with a history of nearly 300 years is hidden in the bustling city.

Today, it has become a composite urban reading space that combines tradition and modernity, reading and cultural tourism - Zhanchuan Bookstore.

  Before 2017, Dai Xiaoliang, the founder of the bookstore, had a glimpse of this old house.

"At the time, I thought that good cultural relics should give it new meaning." Dai Xiaoliang, who has more than ten years of experience in bookstore business, decided to use reading to "revitalize" the old house.

  Since 2019, the protective restoration and renovation project of the old house has been started.

In October 2020, Zhanchuan Bookstore opened, becoming the first Huizhou cultural themed library in Anhui Province and the first 24-hour urban study in Huangshan City.

  The "revitalized" old house has been transformed into a literary and artistic bookstore that combines classical and modern. It covers an area of ​​1,200 square meters and has a total collection of over 13,000 volumes. The introduction of digital reading equipment has broadened the service format of local urban reading spaces.

The interior of Zhanchuan Bookstore.

(Provided by the Propaganda Department of Huangshan Municipal Party Committee)

  Walking into the bookstore, readers can always find a comfortable corner.

The round table under the old wall is the fixed seat of university teacher Guo Fei.

He likes literature and history, and he comes to the bookstore to check in every week, and reading here makes him feel more pleasant and efficient.

There is a children's reading area under the patio. A little reader named Dudu is small but has a long "reading age".

When the bookstore first opened, Dudu, who could not walk, would follow her mother to check in every week until now.

Whenever he sees him sitting under the patio reading books, Dai Xiaoliang feels that he is doing a great thing.

  Reading promotion and cultural heritage coexist here, and Zhanchuan Bookstore has gradually become an "Internet celebrity bookstore".

During the National Day in 2021, Zhanchuan Bookstore and Tunxi Poetry Association also jointly held a "Huangshan Poetry Night". More than 20 poets from all over the country read and taste poems. Nearly 2,000 people in the audience listened quietly. Poetry lovers who come here on purpose include citizens and tourists who stop by, as well as courier boys and sanitation workers who have just unloaded exhausted...

  General Secretary Xi Jinping once said that if the people read more books, our national spirit will become thicker and deeper.

It is necessary to promote more reading and build a scholarly society.

  We have been on the road to build a scholarly society.

Since 2014, "National Reading" has been written into the government work report 9 times; in 2021, "deeply promote national reading and build a 'literary China'" has been written into the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the outline of the long-term goals for 2035; not long ago , the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and other six departments jointly issued the "Opinions on Promoting Cultural Industry Empowering Rural Revitalization".

  People have gradually discovered that physical bookstores are constantly rejuvenated by packaging; listening to book apps, e-reading, 5G reading, etc. broaden new reading channels; blind box books, punch-in reading and other activities add interest... In the past ten years, the state has promoted reading infrastructure for all people. The investment continues to increase, and more and more people are inspired by their ideas, establish lofty ideals, and cultivate their lofty spirits in reading.

In reading, the endless spirit of the Chinese nation is passed down from generation to generation.

  Lead reporter: Chen Jun

  Text reporters: Meng Hanqi, Liu Meizi, Chen Changqi, Wang Xiao

  Video reporters: Qu Yan, Liu Meizi, Wang Xiao

  Reporters: Lu Haifeng, Li Shiqiang, Liu Ying