It is the presumption of innocence.

And yet, depending on your perspective, the police search or visit the office of the mayor of Frankfurt.

What a shame not only for the incumbent Peter Feldmann (SPD), but also for the proud city.

The historical embarrassment is an occasion to point out once again very factually what this is about.

The public prosecutor's office has filed charges on suspicion of accepting an advantage because Feldmann's wife, who is now separated from him as head of a day-care center for workers' welfare (AWO), received a salary in excess of the collective agreement "without objective reason" and was provided with a company car.

In addition, the AWO, Feldmann's former employer, is said to have supported his mayoral campaign in 2018 by raising donations.

The district court still has to decide whether to admit the charges.

Even Feldmann's lawyer assumes that this will happen.

And Feldman?

Keep going, protesting his innocence, even welcoming the Frankfurt ice hockey lions to the promotion celebrations in the Römer on Wednesday.

What chutzpah.

One could say that Feldmann is consistent.

He thinks he's innocent.

He is the mayor, directly elected by a large majority, so why shouldn't he keep his appointments?

Search in his office or not - it will be years before a final judgment is reached.

Because it is likely that the losing party will appeal.

Until then, he just does his job.

The man has chutzpah.

The parties in Römer owe it to the city, but also to themselves, to counter this spectacle with something that proves their ability to act.

This can only be a vote that is as unanimous as possible.

The deselection must then take place at the latest together with the state elections in 2023 if there are concerns that the quorum will otherwise not be reached in a single ballot.

Under no circumstances should one wait until the regular mayor election in 2024.

It is important to set an example: for Frankfurt and the ability of the city council to act in relation to the mayor.