Regarding the rapid depreciation of the yen, former LDP Prime Minister Abe pointed out that the current level is not a concern for the Japanese economy but a plus, and supports the measures taken by the Bank of Japan to curb the rise in interest rates. Emphasized the idea of ​​doing.

Former Prime Minister Abe of the Liberal Democratic Party said at a meeting of the party's parliamentary federation held on the 25th, saying that the yen is depreciating rapidly, "There is no need to go back and forth at the current level. Export like Japan If foreign tourists return again due to the industrial strength of Japan, the depreciation of the yen will definitely be a positive environment for Japan. "

On top of that, "The basic idea is not to utilize monetary policy for foreign exchange, and it is a mistake to respond to the weak yen with monetary policy. If you raise interest rates and cool the economy, you will enter stagflation and the economy will be very miserable. It is clear that this will be the case, "he emphasized his support for the measures the Bank of Japan is taking to curb rising interest rates.