Victor Chabert, edited by Solène Delinger 3:45 p.m., April 25, 2022

Emmanuel Macron was elected a second time at the Elysée by breaking an incredible number of records.

Her opponent, Marine Le Pen, therefore came out the loser in this duel but she still won 8% more votes compared to her 2017 score. How does Marine Le Pen see the future of her political family? 

"Despite two weeks of unfair, brutal and violent methods, similar to those suffered daily by the French, the ideas we represent are reaching new heights. Tonight's result represents in itself a resounding victory", proclaimed Marine Le Pen on Sunday evening, just after the announcement of Emmanuel Macron's victory in the second round of the presidential election.

What does she plan to do now?

Will she resume the leadership of her party, the National Rally? 

A historic score for the FN

Marine Le Pen has in fact already launched the legislative battle.

It's a way for her to show that she will stay in place and to evacuate the idea that with a third defeat, her future and that of the RN would be compromised.

Internally, Marine Le Pen's legitimacy is intact.

She got more than 41% of the votes.

This is a historic score for the FN.

She made no mistake in this campaign.

His troops even say they are proud of the strategy of proximity and the angle of purchasing power.

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Find the best strategy for the legislative elections

His debate with Emmanuel Macron went relatively well compared to the last one.

Since Sunday evening, some of those close to Marine Le Pen, like Sébastien Chenu, want to push her to take back the hands of the RN, now chaired by Jordan Bardella.

Marine Le Pen should stand for legislative elections in her stronghold of Hénin-Beaumont.

The authorities of the party meet this Monday, April 25 at the executive office of the national office.

Objective: to analyze the results and find the best strategy to have a maximum of deputies on June 12 and 19.