Al-Jazeera correspondent in Islamabad quoted a local newspaper that the Taliban-led Kabul government asked the "Pakistan Taliban" militants to stay away from the Afghan-Pakistan border, while the acting Afghan Defense Minister said - yesterday - Sunday - that his government will not tolerate any "invasion". From her neighbours.

The newspaper "Express Tribune" of Pakistan that the Taliban government has begun to take practical steps in order to remove Pakistani Taliban fighters from the Afghan border.

The newspaper quoted a Pakistani official that Islamabad has clearly and explicitly asked the Afghan authorities not to allow the use of its territory by "terrorists" against Pakistan, or else it will face dire consequences.

According to the Pakistani official, the measure taken by the Taliban government does not achieve what Pakistan aspires to, but it mitigates the attacks against it.

The comments come after the Afghan interim government blamed Pakistan for the air strikes that officials said killed dozens in Kunar and Khost provinces.

On the other hand, Acting Afghan Defense Minister Mullah Muhammad Yaqoub said on Sunday that his government would not tolerate any "invasion" from its neighbors, and that it protested the air strikes it said Pakistan had launched.

"We are facing problems and challenges from the countries of the world and from our neighbors, and the clear example of that is their invasion of our lands in Kunar," Mullah Yaqoub said at a ceremony held in Kabul to commemorate the death of his father, Mullah Muhammad Omar, founder of the Taliban movement.

"We cannot tolerate the invasion, we tolerated that attack; we tolerated it because of national interests, and the next time we may not," he added.

Asked to comment on Yaqoub's remarks, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Pakistan hopes for a long-term dialogue with Afghanistan to secure peace.

He added that Pakistan and Afghanistan are brother countries, and "it is important for our countries to engage in a meaningful dialogue through relevant institutions and cooperation channels in order to combat cross-border terrorism and take action against terrorist groups on their soil."

The foreign ministry of the Taliban-led government last week summoned the Pakistani ambassador in Kabul to protest the strikes, and local officials said the strikes by Pakistani military helicopters killed 36 people.