The survey has been conducted for the ninth time since 2010 and is based on responses from almost 33,000 entrepreneurs in the country.

The answers are measured in a satisfaction customer index (NKI) in six different areas: fire protection, building permits, land lease, environmental and health protection, food control and serving permits.

SKR writes in a press release that an NKI value of 74 out of 100 possible indicates that the entrepreneurs are satisfied with the service offered in the municipality.

Panties with top position

The following is where the municipalities of Sörmland place themselves in the ranking of all municipalities in the country, as well as the index value calculated for each municipality:

8 Panties: 85

31 Strängnäs: 80

60 Gnesta: 77

62 Eskilstunna: 77

90 Katrineholm: 75

92 Nyköping: 75

118 Flen: 73

169 Oxelösund: 68

- Vingåker: Not included in the survey.

Boden's municipality received the highest rating in the country with an NKI of 88.