Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 23.

Xi Jinping's Congratulatory Letter to the First National Reading Conference

  On the occasion of the first National Reading Conference, I would like to express my warm congratulations!

  Reading is an important way for human beings to acquire knowledge, enlighten wisdom, and cultivate morality.

The Chinese nation has advocated reading since ancient times, pays attention to learning from knowledge, sincerity and sincerity, inherits the endless spirit of the Chinese nation, and shapes the character of the Chinese people for self-confidence and self-improvement.

I hope that the majority of party members and cadres will take the lead in reading and learning, self-cultivation and self-cultivation, and increase their talents; I hope that children will develop reading habits, read happily, and grow up healthily; I hope that the whole society will participate in reading and form a love for reading, good reading, and good reading. strong atmosphere.

Xi Jinping

April 23, 2022