Another 29% said that they spend from 10,000 to 30,000 rubles a year on cigarettes.

11% of the respondents answered that they spend from 30,000 to 50,000 rubles or more than 50,000 rubles.

Did not count the costs of 6%.

The study also found that 38% of those surveyed are occasional smokers, 31% smoke tobacco products, and 28% smoke e-cigarettes or tobacco heating devices.

Among the reasons why respondents smoke, the most popular answer is “just a habit” (36%), “for company with friends or colleagues” - 31% of respondents, “helps to cope with stress” - 22%, and 5% find it difficult to name the reason .

More than a quarter of the respondents admitted that they smoke two or three times during the working day (27%), go out to smoke four or five times 14%, six or eight or more times - 16%, smoke once during the working day 7%, 9% do not control the number of smoke breaks, and 24% say that they do not smoke during work.

In total, more than 2 thousand residents of the country took part in the survey.

Earlier, the head of the Sober Russia project, State Duma deputy Sultan Khamzaev, in an interview with RT, spoke about his proposal to introduce criminal liability for the sale of vapes to children.

Doctor Alexei Dobrovolsky previously also said that smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can trigger the onset of cancer.