(Forge ahead in a new journey and make contributions to a new era and a new look in old districts) Fujian Qingliu: A Place Worth Investing for Taiwanese Businessmen

  China News Service, Sanming, April 22, title: Fujian Qingliu: a place worth investing in Taiwanese businessmen

  Author Lei Chaoliang

  "Qingliu Taiwanese businessmen have great potential to invest in comprehensive agricultural development, and it is a place worth investing in." This has become the consensus of Taiwanese businessmen who have crossed the strait to invest in Qingliu County, Sanming City, Fujian Province.

  Qingliu County is located in the western part of Fujian Province. Qingliu was one of the 22 counties in the Central Soviet Region during the Second Civil Revolutionary War.

In recent years, Qingliu County has given full play to its advantages in human resources to Taiwan, relying on the platform of the Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park, to implement the same treatment for Taiwan compatriots and Taiwanese businessmen, to promote cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges, and to advance cross-strait agricultural cooperation.

Taiwan Agriculture and Fisheries Alliance visited Qingliu Taichuang Park.

Photo courtesy of Qingliu Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park Management Committee

The county with the most Taiwanese companies in Sanming

  In 1988, the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that the "Qingliu people" and Taiwan's "Zuozhen people" belonged to Homo sapiens in the late Paleolithic period, proving that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait had "same roots and same ancestors" more than 10,000 years ago.

This historical origin has laid the foundation for Taiwanese businessmen to come to Qingliu to invest and develop their business together.

  According to Luo Shanghua, deputy director of the Management Committee of Qingliu Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park, Qingliu's climate and environment is similar to that of Miaoli County, Taiwan, and it is very suitable for Taiwanese businessmen to develop agriculture.

  Xie Menglin is from Taipei, Taiwan. When he visited Qingliu with friends from Taiwanese businessmen five years ago, he found that there is a strong atmosphere for Taiwanese businessmen to start businesses.

After several years of preparation, in February 2019, he founded Fujian Xinzhan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. in Qingliu County, planning to build a high-yield, high-quality, high-efficiency Chinese herbal medicine and spice planting base of 200 acres in Songxi Town of the county, and supporting the construction of film seedlings Greenhouses, intelligent greenhouses, management rooms and base supporting trenches, canals, roads, drip irrigation systems and other facilities.

  "The Qingliu County government has given a lot of preferential support to Taiwanese businessmen, and the ecological environment here is very good." Now, Xie Menglin's family has relocated and lives in Qingliu, while the children are studying in the county.

Qingliutai Chuangyuan Oriental Dragon Cherry Blossom Base.

Photo courtesy of Qingliu Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park Management Committee

  At present, Qingliu Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park has settled 71 Taiwan-funded enterprises, with a total investment of 1.426 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), involving flowers and seedlings, ecological leisure tourism, agricultural and forestry product processing and other fields, and has been awarded the "National Agricultural Products Processing and Entrepreneurship Base" successively. "Cross-Strait Science and Technology Industry Cooperation Base", "National Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park", "National Expert Service Base", "Taiwan University Students Agricultural Teaching Practice Base", "Fujian Provincial Political Consultative Conference Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese Exchange Base" and other titles.

Qingliu became the county where Sanming introduced the most Taiwan-funded enterprises.

  Dongfanglong (Qingliu) Cherry Blossom Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., located in Laifang Town, Qingliu County, was founded in 2013 by Taiwanese businessman Jian Wentong.

When the cherry blossoms bloom in February and March every year, it attracts tourists from all over the country and has become a well-known Internet celebrity check-in place in Fujian.

  Luo Shanghua told reporters that since Dongfanglong (Qingliu) Cherry Blossom Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. settled in Qingliu Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park, the government has successively invested in helping enterprises to build infrastructure such as roads, ditches, plank roads, viewing platforms, irrigation and drainage systems, etc. The Taiwan-friendly policy has been carefully implemented.

  In Qingliu Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park, Taiwan-funded enterprises now receive more than 20 million yuan in various financial awards and subsidies every year.

At the same time, the park regularly holds bank-enterprise matchmaking meetings to assist Taiwanese enterprises in obtaining corporate credit, small-sum guarantees and other loans, and apply for subsidy funds to effectively alleviate the problem of insufficient liquidity of Taiwanese enterprises.

  Qingliu is located in a mountainous area, and there are some shortcomings in transportation and logistics objectively.

Faced with these bottlenecks, the local government has made every effort to enhance the market competitiveness of Taiwanese agricultural products and actively expand sales channels by actively guiding Taiwanese enterprises to carry out product quality certification and trademark registration, and helping Taiwanese enterprises to cooperate with well-known e-commerce platforms to develop e-commerce. To ensure that the high-quality products of Taiwanese and Taiwanese enterprises in the park go to the market and sell well everywhere.

  Qingliu County has also established and improved the system of party and government leaders and heads of relevant departments to contact Taiwanese enterprises, regularly visit Taiwanese businessmen, understand existing problems, establish a ledger, and coordinate and solve them in a timely manner.

Taiwan compatriots' heart-to-heart police office, Taiwan-related procuratorial liaison office, Taiwan compatriots and Taiwanese enterprises' health and wellness volunteer service team, "Do One Kindness Every Day, Love to Taiwanese Enterprises", and Taiwanese businessmen's birthday wishes and other actions have also emerged to care for Taiwanese businessmen. .

Qingliu Taichuang Garden is a high-quality orchid planting base.

Photo courtesy of Qingliu Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park Management Committee

Encourage Taiwan's new varieties and technologies to take root

  In recent years, Qingliu Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park has made every effort to build an important platform for Fujian-Taiwan exchanges and cooperation, such as a modern agricultural cooperation demonstration base on the west coast of the Taiwan Strait, a modern agricultural and forestry product processing demonstration base, and an ecological leisure tourism resort on the west coast of the Taiwan Strait. root.

  Wu Senyuan is one of the early Taiwanese businessmen who settled in Qingliu. In 2009, he founded Senyuan Lanhui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Qingliu. Major categories of precious orchids, the finished orchids are sold to the European market and Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.

  During the development process, Wu Senyuan explored a new model of orchid tissue culture called "laundry and vegetable washing", which changed the traditional long-term soaking method into three-process cleaning, which greatly reduced the damage to the female parent, and the success rate of cutting buds increased from Less than 10% increased to about 80%.

At present, Senyuan Lanhui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has an annual tissue culture production capacity of 6 million seedlings, and has become the largest high-quality national orchid breeding center in mainland China and a benchmark for the integrated development of Qingtai and Taiwan.

  Since 2021, Qingliu has continued to carry out agricultural technical cooperation with Taiwan, introducing 11 new varieties such as chamomile and wild rose from Taiwan, and 3 new technologies such as central feeding, central egg collection, and central manure production, and demonstration and promotion of 700 acres.

A training course for the integration and revitalization of rural industries in Fujian and Taiwan was also held locally, and Taiwan agricultural experts and scholars were invited to give classroom and on-site teaching, and cultivated a group of modern agricultural producers who understand technology, know how to operate, and can demonstrate.

Qingliu Taichuangyuan Oriental Beauty Tea Base.

Photo courtesy of Qingliu Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park Management Committee

"Strait combination" integrated development

  In the Oriental Beauty Tea Base in Laifang Town, the green sea is full of waves, and the tea leaves are more green and full of vitality under the sun.

The investors of this tea garden are brothers Deng Guoquan and Deng Guoguang from Miaoli County, Taiwan.

  Brothers Deng Guoquan and Deng Guoguang have been making tea with their father for decades since they were young.

In 2011, they founded two tea production and processing companies in Laifang Town, driving the surrounding villagers to develop the tea industry together.

  In 2017, Wu Xuanyi, a local camellia planter, saw the planting techniques of the brothers Deng Guoguang.

Therefore, the three hit it off and established Sanming Yuanzhen Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. to interplant Oriental Beauty Tea in Camellia Oil Fields, and introduce professional equipment and extend the industrial chain to rough-process the spring tea and autumn tea of ​​Oriental Beauty Tea into matcha, which is sold to Businesses that need matcha ingredients.

  "This year's tea growth is gratifying. In the spring season alone, tens of thousands of catties of matcha are produced, and the output value exceeds one million yuan." Deng Guoguang said.

  The "strait combination" promotes complementary advantages and strong alliances, and promotes the deep integration of Qingtai's agricultural industry to become better and stronger.

According to the staff of Qingliu Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park Management Committee, there are countless examples of such cooperation promoting development in Qingliu. The number of cross-strait joint ventures in the park has now reached 70%, forming a "Qingliu model" of integrated development between the two sides.