China News Service, Fuzhou, April 21 (Reporter Long Min) Entering the "14th Five-Year Plan", Fujian will promote the integrated development of the biomedical industry in Fujian and Taiwan.

Fujian Province officially announced on the 21st that Fujian Province will speed up the high-quality development of the biomedical industry, and will deepen cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan in the fields of biomedical engineering, precision diagnosis and treatment, and smart medical care, and focus on introducing new types of biomedicine and modern medical equipment investment projects from Taiwan; Regional health care institutions, biopharmaceutical companies, and scientific research institutes carry out exchanges and cooperation, vigorously introduce Taiwanese professionals, and support Taiwanese physicians to work in Fujian.

  On the afternoon of the same day, the Information Office of the Fujian Provincial People's Government held a press conference to introduce the situation of Fujian Province's acceleration of building a highland for the biomedical industry.

  The biopharmaceutical industry will become a new growth point for Fujian's economic development.

Zhang Wenyang, deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission, pointed out that by 2025, the province's pharmaceutical industry's operating income will reach 120 billion yuan, and a number of leading and backbone enterprises, key innovative products, technology research and development and public service platforms, and characteristic industrial clusters will be built. .

  The characteristics of Taiwan will become a prominent advantage of Fujian in promoting the biomedical industry.

According to the newly promulgated "Fujian Province's Implementation Plan for Accelerating the High-Quality Development of the Biomedical Industry", Fujian will promote the establishment of medical and health industry exchange centers in relevant biomedical industrial parks by famous doctors and schools in Fujian and Taiwan, and promote the exchange of standards, the recognition of professional qualifications, and the establishment of Normalized communication mechanism.

Support the construction of cross-strait biotechnology and medical and health industry cooperation zones.

For the pharmaceutical products developed and declared in the mainland by Taiwan-owned or holding companies settled in Fujian, strive for the implementation of a special review and approval policy by the State Food and Drug Administration.

  In the industrial development pattern of "two cores and multiple regions", the cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan in the biopharmaceutical industry highlights differentiated development.

Among them, the Fuzhou International Medical Comprehensive Experimental Zone will focus on cutting-edge medical technologies to carry out pilot trials, promote the gathering and development of drug marketing license holders, and build a modern medical open development pilot zone and a cross-strait medical and medical cooperation demonstration zone.

The Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone focuses on promoting the development of the Taichung Medicinal Materials Trading Center and the cross-border electronic trading platform for Chinese medicinal materials.

  Xiamen will build a highland for the biomedical industry, build a cross-strait medical device testing and research center, further improve the key basic research and development innovation platform and industrial public service platform, and build the "Xiamen (International) Bio-Economic City" and the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation Test District, hold high-level biomedical conferences and expositions.

Kong Shuguang, director of Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau, pointed out that improving the industrial development plan, increasing policy efforts, promoting the rapid development of the industry, driving Fujian's bio-economy to a new level, and striving to build China's first-class bio-economy pilot area, pilot area and leading area.