The U.S. police mistook a military base drop demonstration at a nearby baseball field as an 'aircraft threat', and issued a temporary evacuation order to the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

The situation was over in a matter of minutes, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressed her outrage by pointing out the negligence of the aviation authorities.

Congressional police issued an emergency evacuation order for congressional staff and others at around 6:30 pm local time on the 20th, saying they are tracking "a potentially dangerous aircraft."

Police, who did not disclose the specific threat, announced the end of the situation on Twitter a few minutes later, saying, "There is no threat to Congress."

Washington DC Police later confirmed that the aircraft in question was a military aircraft carrying the U.S. Army's "Golden Knights" paratroopers.

It was understood that the Golden Knights took off from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, near the US Capitol, to show an aerial fall demonstration at 'National Park', the home stadium of the Washington Nationals, about 1.6 km from the US Capitol on the same day.

The drop demonstration was a pre-event between the Washington Nationals and Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Associated Press reported that congressional security officials were not informed in advance of the aircraft's schedule.

House Speaker Pelosi sternly criticized the Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. air regulator, saying that "the apparent negligence has created an unnecessary panic."

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"It was especially detrimental to those who were traumatized by the January 6, 2021 raid on Congress," said House Speaker Pelosi. will," he said.

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