New Zealand, which is working to ease border measures for the new coronavirus, will conditionally resume accepting foreign tourists and short-term international students, including Japan, from the 2nd of next month.

In an interview with NHK, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who is visiting Japan, said, "We have established an inspection system that will be the basis for safe tourists, so we hope you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife of New Zealand." Showed expectations for tourists visiting from New Zealand.

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been visiting Japan since the 20th, following Singapore on his first foreign visit after the spread of the new coronavirus.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said in an interview with NHK on the 21st that New Zealand will relax the border measures for the new coronavirus and accept tourists from Japan and other countries from the 2nd of next month. , The management of the new corona is in the safe stage. We want you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and wild animals of New Zealand because the inspection system that is the basis for safe tourists is in place. " Showed expectations for tourists visiting from New Zealand.

He added, "Tourism is an important part of the economy, and the resumption of acceptance this time is important for regaining a part of the economy." It is said that.

New Zealand has been gradually easing border measures since late February, and from the 2nd of next month, immigrants from countries such as Japan that do not require visas for short-term stays will be vaccinated in advance. If you are tested before leaving Japan and upon arrival, and if you can prove negative, you will be able to enter New Zealand without quarantine.

What is Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, 41, realized the peaceful transition of power in the 2017 parliamentary elections and became prime minister at the young age of 37.

After giving birth to his first child in 2018, he became the first active prime minister in the world to take maternity leave and became a hot topic.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is committed to the realization of a diverse society that transcends religious and ethnic differences.

In March 2019, a Muslim mosque was shot in Southern Christ Church, killing 51 people. , Promised to ensure the safety of believers and protect freedom of religion.

He also tightened gun control and promoted government purchases of guns.

He was also noted for his response to the new coronavirus, and took strict measures from an early stage, such as border measures and restrictions on going out.

During the period of outing restrictions, live distribution using SNS was frequently performed to directly answer questions from the public about measures to prevent the spread of infection, and this was strengthened in response to the outbreak of a cluster of Omicron strains in January. He showed that he was close to people, such as revealing that he would cancel his wedding in accordance with the regulations such as the restrictions on his behavior.