A car accident occurred this Wednesday, around 4 p.m., in a street in Pertuis (Vaucluse).

A car whose handbrake had not been engaged hit a 3-year-old boy, reports

Le Dauphiné


The owner of the vehicle had just parked and forgot to engage the handbrake.

As the street was on a slope, the car picked up speed and hit a father, who was carrying his 3-year-old son on his shoulders.

The child then fell to the ground.

Helicoptered to Marseille

“The car ran over him,” detailed a source from the gendarmerie in



"But he was lucky and apparently his injuries wouldn't be too serious.

The boy was taken care of on the spot by the firefighters and the Smur.

He was then transported by a Samu helicopter to Marseille hospital, to undergo a battery of tests.

For their part, the gendarmes have opened an investigation to determine the precise circumstances of the accident.

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