After the G20 = 20 major countries' finance ministers and central bank governors' meeting held in Washington, Finance Minister Suzuki, who attended the meeting, said at the G20, "an act that shakes the foundation of the international order" about Russia's military invasion. And blamed it with the strongest words. "

In this, Minister of Finance Suzuki said at the G20, "Russia's aggression is an act that shakes the foundation of the international order and is a clear violation of international law. Maintaining peace is indispensable for international cooperation, and Russia's act contrary to this Was absolutely unacceptable and accused of the strongest words. "

He was asked if he had left the G20, saying, "In fact, I did not leave, but at the meeting, Russia's invasion of Ukraine was the cause of many difficulties facing the world economy. So, in the current situation, he severely criticized Russia, including the idea that Russia should not participate in the G20. "

At the G20, UK Treasury Minister Snak revealed in a Twitter post that representatives from multiple countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, stood up when Russian representatives spoke.

Regarding the recent depreciation of the yen in the foreign exchange market, Minister of Finance Suzuki explained, "As part of the discussion on the world economy at the G7, we explained about the recent depreciation of the yen. So, I am paying close attention to the market trends with a high degree of tension, and I said that the G7 will continue to maintain close communication in line with the agreement so far. "