China News Service, April 20th. The State Council Information Office held a press conference on the operation of the agricultural and rural economy in the first quarter of 2022. Chen Ping, head of the Marketing and Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said at the meeting that at present, the country's "" The production base of "vegetable basket" products is relatively solid, and the total amount is sufficient.

  At the meeting, the reporter asked: At present, some vegetable varieties in some areas with severe epidemics have increased significantly, and the supply of fresh agricultural products is under great pressure. How to strengthen the supply of "vegetable basket" products in these areas?

  In this regard, Chen Ping pointed out that my country's vegetable production supply and market operation are relatively seasonal.

According to the law of the year, as the temperature rises after the Spring Festival, the market volume of vegetables increases, and the prices generally fall seasonally.

This spring, vegetable prices fell a bit slower than usual, mainly due to the combined effects of unfavorable weather, rising costs and the COVID-19 epidemic.

  Chen Ping said that at present, the national production base of "vegetable basket" products is still relatively solid, and the total amount is sufficient.

In early April, the area of ​​vegetables in the field in my country was about 74 million mu, an increase of nearly 3 million mu year-on-year, and the output was about 19.3 million tons, an increase of more than 1 million tons year-on-year.

The total supply of meat, eggs, milk, fish, fruits and vegetables is sufficient, which can fully meet the consumption needs of urban and rural residents.

Due to the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic some time ago, some areas encountered problems such as difficulty in harvesting the fields and inadequate logistics and distribution, and the supply of "vegetable basket" products in some areas was affected to some extent.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, together with relevant departments, acted quickly to schedule the production and supply situation of 36 large and medium-sized cities in a timely manner, organized key agricultural product wholesale markets to ensure joint supply, and strengthened the coordination of member units of the "vegetable basket" inter-ministerial joint meeting for food management to effectively grasp the "vegetable basket". "The product is stable in production and supply.

  Chen Ping also said that in the next step, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will work with relevant departments to focus on five aspects.

  The first is to strengthen the production of "vegetable basket" products.

Reasonable arrangements should be made for the varieties of vegetables at maturity and the stubble to be marketed, to promote the development of fast-growing leafy vegetables and sprouts in large and medium-sized cities, and to increase market supply.

Ensure the normal order of transportation and sales of livestock and poultry and aquatic products out of ponds, smooth the supply and transportation of breeding livestock and poultry (seedlings), feed, and bee breeding, and guide large-scale business entities to carry out mutual assistance and cooperation, exchange employment, and ensure production and harvesting.

  The second is to promote the smooth circulation of "vegetable basket" products.

Urge all localities to implement the requirements for ensuring the smooth flow of freight and logistics, include grain and oil, vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, milk, aquatic products and other agricultural products into the scope of normalized epidemic prevention and control key guarantee materials, and give priority to the issuance of nationally unified passes.

For agricultural products transportation vehicles with green asterisks on the communication itinerary cards of the drivers and passengers and entering and leaving the epidemic-related areas across provinces, on the basis of holding a pass and meeting the epidemic prevention requirements, they shall not arbitrarily restrict the passage or persuade them to return without authorization.

  The third is to strengthen the supply of "vegetable basket" products in key areas.

Promote the establishment of "vegetable basket" product transfer stations, connection areas or distribution fields as soon as possible in closed areas of the whole region, and adopt methods such as "replacing people without changing cars" and "killing one car and one car" to solve the problem of cross-regional transportation.

The "whitelist" management mode of communication itinerary cards is implemented. On the basis of strict implementation of measures such as health monitoring and nucleic acid testing, truck drivers and passengers entering and leaving closed areas in the whole region are not quarantined in principle.

Restore the functions of circulation nodes such as wholesale markets and community vegetable stores as soon as possible, and strengthen community distribution guarantees.

  Fourth, do a good job in the production and marketing of "vegetable basket" products.

Promote the establishment of stable production and marketing cooperative relations between large and medium-sized cities and major production areas, and organize wholesale markets, supermarkets and other entities to directly connect with production bases to stabilize the supply of goods and smooth production and sales.

We will resolutely crack down on acts such as hoarding, price gouging, and malicious speculation.

  The fifth is to consolidate the "vegetable basket" mayor's responsibility system.

Give full play to the role of the "vegetable basket" mayor's responsibility system to assess the baton, and take the response to the epidemic as an important assessment content to ensure supply, smooth circulation, stabilize the market, and ensure sufficient supply of "vegetable basket" products.