Al Owais: Completion of the “Unified Medical File” project for all patients in the country at the end of this year

The Minister of Health and Community Protection and Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs, Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, revealed that the ministry is completing the project to establish a “unified medical file” for patients at the state level, by the end of this year (2022), explaining that the project aims to unify the medical records of patients. Which improves the quality of the health care system and patient safety, and emphasizes the importance of health data to evaluate performance, automating the service system, exchanging digital information, and keeping the patient’s previous medical record.

The Minister stressed, during the Federal National Council session, which was held this evening, to discuss the topic of “the policy of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection regarding the promotion of mental health in the country”, that the Ministry has started working on this ambitious project since the beginning of 2020, but the challenges posed by the pandemic. (Covid 19) has caused delays in the procedures related to its implementation, noting that the Ministry has so far completed the automation of 10 million medical files within the “My Care” electronic health care platform.

The minister said: "This project comes within the ministry's ambitions to create a healthy and vibrant society, through improving health care, and establishing a sustainable health system on a global level in line with the ambition and specific goals," noting that the importance of the unified health file lies in being a digital health platform that provides data. Up-to-date patient records, showing the patient's history, medications dispensed for each patient, laboratory analysis results, referrals, and everything related to the patient's file and data in government hospitals and private sector hospitals.

He explained that the new mechanism will allow patients to move from one hospital to another with ease and ease, without the need to take papers and documents for his health examinations and statements, which will have an important and significant role in shortening the effort and time, to solve all health problems.

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