Prime Minister Kishida visited Ishikawa Prefecture on the 17th to exchange opinions with local residents in a wheelchair, and as food prices continue to rise due to the situation in Ukraine, the food self-sufficiency rate will be further improved and the international competitiveness of agriculture will be improved. He showed his intention to work on strengthening.

Prime Minister Kishida visited Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture on the 17th, and exchanged opinions with local JAs, people working for sake brewing companies, and restaurant owners over the revitalization of the region.

In this, Prime Minister Kishida said, "With the situation in Ukraine, food shortages and rising prices of foodstuffs continue all over the world, and when it comes to Japanese agriculture, we must raise the self-sufficiency rate. I would like to work hard to strengthen our competitiveness. "

In addition, in order to promote migration, support was requested for the active utilization of vacant houses, while Prime Minister Kishida said, "How to utilize vacant houses is a common issue in rural areas. The treatment of land and real estate of unknown owners must be organized as a country. "