China News Agency, San Francisco, April 15. US media reported on the 15th that US law enforcement agencies handled more than 220,000 illegal immigrants at the US-Mexico border in March, a record high since 2000.

  CBS reported on the 15th that government data submitted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to federal court on the same day showed that the agency processed 221,303 illegal immigrants arriving at the southern border of the United States in March, the highest level since 2000.

  The data does not represent the actual number of immigrants the agency processed in March, as many immigrants make multiple attempts to re-enter the United States after being deported.

Especially since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the repeated crossing rate of illegal immigrants has soared.

  According to records, this is also the third time that the Biden administration has processed more than 200,000 illegal immigrants in a single month.

During the Biden administration, the last peak for this figure came in July 2021, when U.S. officials processed 213,593 illegal immigrants.

In March of that year, the agency reported 220,063 arrests of immigrants, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data going back to 2000.

  The Biden administration is planning to end immigration policies enacted by former U.S. President Donald Trump amid a surge in illegal immigration.

The policy, which is due to expire on May 23, allows U.S. authorities to not process asylum claims of immigrants and quickly deport them.

  From the 13th to the 15th of this month, three buses from Texas have sent immigrants to the vicinity of the Capitol in Washington, the capital of the United States.

This is the second time recently Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has condemned the Biden administration's border policies.

  On the 6th, Abbott ordered the state's Department of Public Safety to "intensify security checks" on commercial trucks entering from Mexico at border checkpoints to "contain the inflow of drugs, human traffickers, illegal immigrants, weapons and other contraband."

However, the order increased the entry time of trucks, and the cross-border traffic between the United States and Mexico was thrown into chaos. Some truck drivers staged demonstrations and some busy ports were forced to close.

At the same time, the order has also attracted fierce opposition from practitioners in industries such as agriculture.

The US Consumer News and Business Channel reported on the 15th that Abbott announced on the same day that the order was cancelled.