China News Agency, Phnom Penh, April 16th: The young diplomat of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia joins hands with the local "Internet celebrity" vlog to "check in" for the Cambodian New Year

  China News Agency reporter Ouyang Kaiyu

  "Sister Shen Yue, these are our colorful lanterns, which will be hung outside the door during Chinese New Year to welcome the arrival of the New Year fairies."

  "This is a pentagram lantern made by hand. It is very delicate. Like Chinese lanterns, it has a beautiful meaning."

  This conversation is a scene from a local vlog during the Songkran Festival in Cambodia, located in the lively Uyasi Market in the center of Phnom Penh.

Shen Yue, a young diplomat of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, and Chinese and Cambodian young friends experienced the traditional Cambodian New Year cultural activities together, and felt the strong Cambodian New Year atmosphere together.

  Cambodia is a Buddhist country. The new year of the Buddhist calendar is called "Songkran Festival". The word "Songkran" is Sanskrit, which means running, that is, the earth revolves around the sun once, the year sequence is updated, and the yuan begins again.

Songkran is also an important holiday in Cambodia.

  Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia, the Cambodian New Year series of activities have been suspended.

This year, the Cambodian New Year (April 14-16) will be fully opened, and the people can once again celebrate the traditional Khmer New Year as normal. At the same time, local activities are also held in temples and public places to allow people to better enjoy the holiday.

  On the eve of Cambodian New Year, Shen Yue, a young Cambodian-speaking diplomat from the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, met with Wen Shengyuan, a Chinese "Internet celebrity" student in Cambodia, to visit a friend's house in Cambodia to learn how the locals celebrate the Cambodian New Year Songkran Festival.

Wen Shengyuan was also enthusiastically called "Da Sen" by netizens, and Xining, the host of this trip, is also well-known among local youths.

  At Xining's house, the Cambodian girl introduced to two Chinese friends that the first day of Cambodian New Year is Songkran Day. Banana trees, pastries and drinks, etc., and then hang colorful lights outside the door to welcome the arrival of the New Year fairies.

  When answering Chinese friends how to spend the new year, Xining said that to welcome the new year, we will prepare fast food, go to temples to give alms, participate in the Buddha bathing ceremony, and pray to the Buddha to bless our family members with happiness and auspiciousness in the new year.

In addition, young people will gather together to play various folk games, and splashing water on each other is an unmissable activity, which means that the more blessings, the more unhappiness in the past year will be washed away.

So even strangers can mingle in joy...

  After learning about the traditional customs of the Cambodian New Year, the three Chinese and Cambodian youths came to the Uyasi Market again, and felt the strong "New Year flavor" of Cambodia at the food and grocery stalls and sacrificial goods stalls in the market.

  Regarding this special experience, Shen Yue edited the video material into a 5-minute vlog and uploaded it to social media, which aroused positive responses among local Chinese and Cambodian netizens.

  Local media commented that the resumption of the Cambodian New Year series activities this year is inseparable from China's strong assistance to Cambodia in fighting the epidemic. China has provided Cambodia with a lot of help in establishing vaccine guarantees, making Cambodia more confident and confident to fully open up, and people can gather in Cambodia. Feel the festive atmosphere together.

  Some Cambodian netizens also sent invitations to Chinese friends, welcoming them to experience the unique Khmer culture in Cambodia and enjoy the happy time of Khmer holidays together after the international epidemic has eased.