WhatsApp is planning massive changes to the app that will radically change the texting app.

A series of leaked images revealed major updates, including the addition of "groups within groups" and reactions to messages.

These entirely new features are currently in testing, but were revealed during "development" as WhatsApp did not explicitly announce the features until they were ready to go live.

But WhatsApp customers at WABeta Info have accessed the beta version of the app to discover new features that are not yet widely available to the public.

A report by the British newspaper "The Sun" revealed the four most exciting changes among the changes being developed on WhatsApp, and these changes may reach the iPhone (iPhone) or Android (Android) this year.

Note that these features are only under testing, so they can be changed significantly, delayed, or scrapped.

Message notes

Perhaps the most exciting new update is the addition of reactions to messages.

It's a feature already available on the Meta-owned Facebook app, but it's now in development for WhatsApp as well.

It can be a great way to reduce the number of text messages, because you can simply 'reply' to messages instead of having to type replies.

The feature under test contains 6 reactions: love, laughter, shock, watery eye, and prayer (or high palm).

WhatsApp Communities

WhatsApp Communities will be one of the biggest changes to the app, effectively letting you create parent groups for group chats.

Groups are one of the most popular ways to send text messages within the Facebook-owned app, but having multiple groups can sometimes be messy and hard to keep track of.

WhatsApp actually started working on communities to bring groups together last year.

Society will be a means of keeping the groups organized.

Perhaps you could have a work community with a lot of smaller groups within it.

Or maybe your local area has a community that breaks up into separate groups for education and grumbling about neighborhood issues.

Groups are one of the most popular ways to send text messages within WhatsApp (Shutterstock)

opinion polls

WhatsApp is working on a way that you can quickly ask friends for their opinions, a feature already available over competing services like Twitter and Telegram.

Leaks show that the new feature can allow you to create polls for group chats.

This includes adding a question and up to 12 different answer options.

WhatsApp's new polling tool lets you see the answers, but they all stay within the group, including the results.

A survey may be a way for friends to decide on a restaurant.

Or maybe WhatsApp could poll its employees about the food situation in the office cafeteria.

You can even ask your family what is the best place for dinner tonight or ask for feedback on your new outfit.

huge files

Not quite as exciting as the other three updates, but it's useful nonetheless.

WhatsApp currently limits you to a maximum size of 100MB for file transfers, but the app is now testing the ability to send huge files of up to 2GB in size.

This beta version is currently only available in the beta app, and in Argentina specifically.

After all, it may not be common to send giant files on WhatsApp, so if you've been longing for the ability to send giant files on WhatsApp, your wait may be almost over.