Should universities take a position a few days before the second round of the presidential election?

After the president of Nantes University sparked the debate by sending an email to all students, professors and staff, asking them not to vote for Marine le Pen, it is the turn of the University of Angers to speak out.

The Board of Directors voted unanimously on Thursday for a motion calling on the university community "to use its vote by weighing the gravity of the moment".

The CA of the AU meeting today unanimously voted 1 #motion relating to the #presidential #elections.

As the country once again sees the far right reach the 2nd round, he calls on the university community to use their #vote by weighing the gravity of the moment.

— University of Angers (@UnivAngers) April 14, 2022

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If the text does not mention the names of the candidates, it implies the need to block that of the National Rally.

"The extreme right, its values ​​and its ideas constitute a threat to the public service of higher education and research, a place of emancipation through knowledge, social life and the development of critical thinking", can -we read in this text.

“Racist, anti-Semitic or fascist acts” on campus

The Board of Directors justifies this communication by the multiplication of "racist, anti-Semitic or fascist acts" in recent months on campus: tagged swastikas, giant collage "Immigration kills", distribution of an "infamous, racist , sexist and LGBT-phobic ”… This Friday, tags mentioning the name of a teacher were also discovered on several buildings.

A complaint has been filed, says the professor in question, on social networks.


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