The British government has entrusted, as of this Thursday, the control of illegal crossings of the Channel to the Navy, the Royal Navy, in place of the coastguards, and will build new reception centers dedicated to illegal immigrants arriving on the English coasts.

“As of today, the Royal Navy will take operational command in the Channel in place of the Border Force, (…) with the objective that no boat arrives in the United Kingdom undetected,” said said Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a speech in southern England, near the English coast.

For this, 50 million pounds (60 million euros) will be released in new equipment and human resources, with helicopters, planes and drones.

Boats will not be pushed back

“It will send a clear message to those who drive the boats: if you risk the lives of others in the Channel, you risk spending your own life in prison,” he said.

Centers dedicated to illegal immigrants, of the type opened in Greece, will be opened and will replace the current hotel accommodation.

He estimated that the agreement announced with Rwanda to send migrants who arrived illegally in British territory there could concern “tens of thousands” of people.

He also said he was abandoning his plan to push back boats entering British waters, a controversial measure aimed at reducing the number of illegal crossings which tripled last year.


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