They are ready for five more years under Emmanuel Macron's five-year term.

The actors Guillaume Canet, Jeanne Balibar, Charlotte Gainsbourg or the novelist Marc Lévy: nearly 500 artists and writers said this Friday that they were going to vote "without any hesitation" in the second round of the presidential elections for the outgoing president, denouncing the program of "xenophobia and withdrawal" of Marine Le Pen.

"Actresses and actors in the world of culture, live performance, we have sometimes had differences, oppositions, deep disagreements with the power in place", indicate these hundreds of signatories in a tribune sent to the media.

“But if for some of us the outcome of this first round was not as expected, if for some of us mistrust remains;

for us today there is no hesitation, no doubt, no hesitation.

We do not equate democracy and populism,” they add.

"Nothing in Marine Le Pen's program brings us closer to the history of France that is resistant, humanist, generous and open to the world", underline the signatories, including the actors Fabrice Luchini, Béatrice Dalle, Pierre Arditi and Catherine Hiegel. , actor Gilles Lellouche, singers Enrico Macias, Thomas Dutronc, Clara Luciani.

“An accomplice of the head of the Kremlin”

"Tomorrow, we dare not imagine what would become of the culture within our country if it was her that the suffrage designated", they indicated.

“We cannot imagine, at the head of France, a candidate whose program remains that of xenophobia and withdrawal, a candidate who has made an alliance with totalitarian and warmongering powers”, they continue.

"We cannot imagine the feeling of the Ukrainian people invaded, bombarded and massacred, when they discover that we have elected an accomplice of the head of the Kremlin at the head of our country", still assure the signatories, including several comedians of the Comedy -French.

“We cannot imagine that France, country of enlightenment and of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, brings to power a president whose claimed friendships with the worst dictators in office would be our shame and our dishonor”, ​​have they indicated.

Two days ago, officials from the world of culture, including Jack Lang, Olivier Py or Stanislas Nordey, also called for Emmanuel Macron to be voted for in the second round of the presidential election, stressing that abstention can benefit his opponent from extreme right, Marine Le Pen.


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