A 24-year-old young man was tried in immediate appearance this week in Cavaillon (Vaucluse).

This Tuesday, he was arrested in a city in possession of narcotics and a homemade slingshot, reports

La Provence


On the day of the events, the police were informed of the presence of several armed people in a neighborhood.

On the spot, the agents spotted two individuals, one of whom quickly got rid of a plastic bag he had in his possession.

One year in prison on semi-freedom

The suspect was arrested and the bag, which contained several pouches of drugs, recovered.

The young man also had a sling made of a stone inserted into a sock.

Already known to justice, the defendant was released from prison in December 2021. He was finally sentenced to two years in prison, one of which was suspended.

His sentence will be served on day parole, so he can look for work and visit his pregnant partner.

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