A 59-year-old bather has died on the afternoon of this

Good Friday

after being hit by a boat while swimming in the bathing area of

​​Silgar beach

, in the urban area of

​​Sanxenxo (Pontevedra)


The Civil Guard of Pontevedra is keeping an investigation open to clarify what happened, but the first investigations collected suggest that the man, a resident of

A Coruña

who was visiting Sanxenxo, allegedly died when a boat that did not see him passed over him. Water.

Various sources have reported that everything happened around 6:00 p.m. this Friday.

The man was swimming accompanied by another person when he was hit by the boat, which, according to initial investigations, is a

high-speed ship

usually used for boats.

According to the information provided by the Sanxenxo City Council, the man died on the spot while his partner was unharmed.

Several people alerted 112 Galicia, which mobilized Salvamento Marítimo and the Galician Coast Guard Service, which moved the

Pesca I helicopter


In addition, the intervention of the Galician Health Emergency Unit-061, the Civil Guard and the Sanxenxo Supramunicipal Emergency Group (GES) was required.

According to the information collected at 112 Galicia, a private boat picked up the recently beaten swimmer and took him to the port of Sanxenxo, where the displaced medical services could only confirm his death.

Three hours later, around 9:00 p.m., the body was removed.

The incident occurred in the bathing area of ​​Silgar beach.

Municipal sources confirmed that it is an area that

during the summer is usually signposted to separate the bathing area with buoys from the one reserved for the passage of boats


However, at this time of year, the area is still not signposted.

The incident caused a stir on the beach and the Silgar pass, as well as in the port of Sanxenxo, as this is a very touristy town that was very crowded this Good Friday.

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