In the Wiesbaden district association of the left and in the state party, sexual assaults are said to have occurred over the years.

"We take the allegations made very seriously," says a statement by the executive state board on a report by Der Spiegel magazine: E-mails, chats, photos and affidavits contained "references to alleged border crossings, abuse of power and a toxic macho culture".

The party is said to have “supported those affected too rarely and hardly stopped possible perpetrators,” it says.

The report also criticizes the role played by the former leader of the Hessian parliamentary group and current leader of the federal party, Janine Wissler.

Ewald Hetrodt

Correspondent for the Rhein-Main-Zeitung in Wiesbaden.

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She was in a relationship with a speaker in the state parliamentary group, who at the same time began a relationship with a minor who was 24 years her junior.

This finally showed the man because of coercion and insult.

However, the investigations were discontinued, as were proceedings against the allegation of bodily harm.

Wissler: Didn't know anything about involuntary

In a statement on Friday, Wissler was dismayed that she was accused of protecting her former partner.

The young woman informed her in 2018 about her relationship with her then partner.

Wissler then separated from the man.

The other connection apparently lasted well into 2019.

In none of the contacts with the woman were allegations of sexual abuse or sexual violence made, Wissler assures.

She also knew nothing about harassment and involuntary behavior at the time.

"I myself was deeply hurt by these events and had not the slightest reason to protect my former partner after all." She only found out about it when the woman and another woman turned to the party at the turn of the year 2021/2022.

She had asked the federal executive board that the trust group available for such cases become active, and Wissler had also pointed out her personal connection.

The state board in Hesse called the reporting shocking.

When the allegations were heard at the end of November, the investigation had begun.

Offers for talks were made to those affected and a comprehensive code of conduct was adopted.

At the next meeting of the state executive board on April 30, 2022, the function of a person of trust will be decided.

The Wiesbaden district association and the state association had held talks with professional advice centers "to coordinate and reflect on appropriate handling".

Together they will organize a workshop on sexism awareness.

"We reject the allegation of criminal protection," the statement said.