The UN Security Council has rejected a resolution on Ukraine by Russia's veto, and while the Security Council has been pointed out as dysfunctional, if the permanent members exercise their veto in the future, the UN General Assembly A resolution requiring an explanation of the reasons for this will be submitted soon.

This resolution, compiled by Liechtenstein in Europe, should meet within 10 days of the UN General Assembly to explain why the veto was exercised if the permanent members of the Security Council exercised the veto. Is obligatory.

According to the UN representative in Liechtenstein, more than 40 countries have already indicated their intention to jointly propose a resolution and will submit it to the UN General Assembly next week.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Thomas Greenfield issued a statement on the resolution, stating that he had joined the co-sponsoring country and said that it would be "an important step towards accountability and transparency of the permanent members." Did.

In February, the Security Council rejected a resolution calling on Russia to immediately withdraw its troops from Ukraine due to Russia's veto power.

While it has been pointed out that the Security Council is dysfunctional, it will be interesting to see if this resolution will put an end to the exercise of veto rights by the permanent members.