Prime Minister Kishida has announced that Japan will join the co-sponsoring country on a resolution requiring explanation of the reasons if the permanent members of the UN Security Council exercise their veto power.

After the Security Council's resolution on Ukraine was rejected by the permanent member Russia's veto, if the permanent member exercised the veto, led by Lichtenstein in Europe, the UN General Assembly will explain the reason. A mandatory resolution will be submitted soon.

On the 14th, Prime Minister Kishida met with the Liberal Democratic Party's chairman, Seishiro Eto, and the chairman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sato, at the Prime Minister's Office. I want to, "he said, and announced that Japan would join the co-sponsoring country of the resolution.

After that, Sato, the chairman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told reporters, "I would like to work together with the government to consider UN reform, including how to curb the use of veto rights by permanent members." I did.