Three dead and one injured.

A Palestinian linked to the jihadist organization Islamic State is suspected of three stabbing attacks in Jerusalem since 2019, the Shin Beth, Israeli intelligence, announced Thursday.

Wassim Isaid, 34, from the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank, present illegally in Israel, is suspected of being involved in these three cases.

The first dates back to January 12, 2019 when a teenage girl was injured in a knife attack.

The following day, Yehuda and Tamar Kaduri, a couple, were stabbed to death in their residence.

Finally, on March 21, Ivan Tarnovsky, a Moldovan citizen was killed in a posh street in Jerusalem.

Previously imprisoned for planning attacks on Israeli targets

A few hours after this murder, Wassim Isaid was apprehended by the Israeli police as he tried to cross the barrier which separates the West Bank from the Jewish state with a knife in his possession.

The intelligence investigation concluded that this Palestinian was linked to these three attacks, which "derived from his support for the Islamic State organization to which he had already pledged allegiance", police and intelligence said on Thursday.

Wassim Isaid had been imprisoned by Israel between 2015 and 2018 for planning attacks against Israeli targets.

He was then placed in administrative detention for "incitement and membership of a hostile organization".


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