Eight departments including the Ministry of Education issued the "New Era"

Notice of Basic Education Strengthening Teachers Program

  Teacher [2022] No. 6

  All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government Education Department (Education Commission), Party Committee Propaganda Department, Party Committee Editorial Office, Development and Reform Commission, Finance Department (Bureau), Human Resources and Social Security Department (Bureau), Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department (Commission), Rural Revitalization Bureau , Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Education Bureau, Party Committee Propaganda Department, Party Committee Editorial Office, Development and Reform Commission, Finance Bureau, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Rural Revitalization Bureau, and the Ministry of Normal University:

  In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on education, especially the important speech on the construction of the teaching staff, and to implement the relevant requirements of the "14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China and the Outline of Vision 2035", comprehensively Deepen the construction and reform of the teaching team in the new era, strengthen the construction of high-level teacher education system, cultivate high-quality professional and innovative primary and secondary school teachers, focus on building a high-quality and balanced basic public education service system, and promote the high-quality development of education. The Times Basic Education Strengthening Teachers Program is issued to you, please implement it carefully.

Central Office of the Central Propaganda Department of the Ministry of Education

National Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Finance Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

National Rural Development Bureau of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

April 2, 2022

New Era Basic Education Strong Teacher Program

  High-quality teachers are the backbone of the development of high-quality education.

In order to implement the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of Teacher Team Construction in the New Era", in accordance with the requirements of the "14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China and the Outline of Vision 2035", efforts are made to promote teacher education. This plan is formulated to revitalize development, strive to create a high-quality professional and innovative primary and secondary school (including kindergarten, special education, the same below) teachers in the new era, and provide a strong teacher guarantee for accelerating the modernization of basic education.

1. General requirements

  (1) Guiding ideology.

Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 19th Plenary Sessions, fully implement the Party's educational policy, adhere to the socialist direction of running schools, implement the fundamental task of building morality and cultivating people, and insist on cultivating and practicing Implement the core socialist values, insist on the construction of the teaching staff as the basic work, and accelerate the construction of a new pattern of teaching staff construction in which the ideological and political construction of teachers, the construction of teachers' morality and professionalism, and the construction of professional ability promote each other.

Following the law of teacher growth and development, guided by the cultivation of high-quality teacher talents, supported by the construction of a high-level teacher education system, focusing on improving teachers' ideological and political quality, teacher morality, and education and teaching ability, build foundations and improve quality and make up for shortcomings Help the weak, build the strong, improve the quality of teacher training and training in an all-round way, improve the teaching and educating ability of the primary and secondary school teachers as a whole, promote the coordinated development of the number, quality, and structure of teachers, and lay a solid teacher foundation for the construction of a high-quality education system.

  (2) Basic principles

  - Adhere to the morality of teachers first.

Put the ideological and political construction of teachers and the construction of teachers' morality and style in the first place, focus on the implementation of the fundamental task of morality and cultivating people, comprehensively strengthen the ideological and political construction of teachers in primary and secondary schools, improve teachers' political awareness and political ability, and strictly implement the first teacher's morality and style Standards, highlight the all-round and whole-process teacher moral development, and promote teachers to teach with morality and build themselves with morality.

  - Adhere to quality first.

Serve the requirements of high-quality development of education, strengthen the construction of high-quality teachers, promote the deep participation of local governments, schools, and all parties in teacher education, strengthen the dominant position of normal colleges and universities in the teacher education system, and promote the integration of pre-service training and post-service training To improve the quality of teacher training and training.

  ——Insist on highlighting key points.

In accordance with the major strategic deployment of rural revitalization and the relevant requirements for revitalizing teacher education, based on key regions and the shortage of talents, adapt to the development needs of regions, school stages, disciplines, etc., strengthen the cooperation between the east and the west, counterpart support, etc. Strengthen the construction of schools and teacher development institutions and the training of high-quality teachers, and increase the supply of teacher training in areas that are in short supply and weak.

  ——Insist on strengthening guarantees.

Driven by the central government and implemented at different levels, encourage and support local innovations in teacher establishment, professional titles, assessment and evaluation, salary guarantee and other measures, deepen the comprehensive reform of the construction of primary and secondary school teachers, improve the level of basic teacher education capacity building, make overall planning, lead by point, lead by radiation, and lead the whole development to form a comprehensive security system.

  (3) Objectives and tasks.

By 2025, a group of national teacher education bases will be built, a group of replicable and popularized experience in the construction and reform of the teaching staff will be formed, and a group of master-level primary and secondary school teachers and education leaders will be trained.

Improve the rural teacher training support service system with the normal universities under the Ministry as the main model and local normal colleges as the main body, and train a group of outstanding primary and secondary school teachers for the underdeveloped areas in the central and western regions.

The quality of normal students has steadily improved, the shortage of teachers in primary and secondary schools in underdeveloped areas has gradually eased, teacher training has been professionalized and standardized, teacher development guarantees are strong, and the management and service level of the teaching team has been significantly improved.

  By 2035, to meet the requirements of modernization of education and building a powerful country in education, build an open, collaborative, and linked high-level teacher education system, establish a sound teacher professional development mechanism, and form a teacher talent training model that integrates enrollment, training, employment, and development. The number and quality of teachers basically meet the development needs of basic education, the regional distribution of teachers, the distribution of school grades, the level of education, the structure of academic relationships, and the structure of age tend to be reasonable. Construction has been significantly strengthened, the overall quality of teachers and the level of education and teaching have been significantly improved, and respect for teachers and education has become common practice.

2. Specific measures

  (1) Improve the ideological and political quality of teachers.

Comprehensively strengthen the ideological and political construction of primary and secondary school teachers, and implement the responsibility system for ideological work.

Adhere to the idea of ​​educators being educated first, incorporate Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era into teacher training and training courses, take General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on education as the primary compulsory course, carry out normalized learning and education, and guide teachers to deeply understand the "two The decisive meaning of "establishment", strengthen the "four consciousness", strengthen the "four self-confidence", achieve "two maintenance", adhere to the "unification of the four", strive to be a good teacher of the "four possessions", and be a good "four a guide."

Thoroughly implement the "Outline for the Construction of Citizens' Morality in the New Era" and "Outline for the Implementation of Patriotism Education in the New Era", vigorously carry out the "four histories", especially the party history study and education, select excellent literature, art and film and television works that reflect the correct value orientation, organize And guide normal students and teachers to read and watch, strengthen value guidance, strengthen the education of the awareness of the Chinese nation's community, and guide the majority of normal students and teachers to establish and adhere to the correct view of the country, history, nation, culture, and religion.

Strengthen the ideological and political inspection of normal graduates, improve standards and procedures, and make a good first pass.

Strengthen the construction of teacher education colleges, primary and secondary party organizations, and league organizations, and do a good job in developing party members and league members among outstanding normal students and primary and secondary school teachers.

  (2) Strengthen and improve the construction of teachers' morality and style.

Normalize the cultivation of teacher morality, and incorporate various teacher moral standards into the compulsory content of pre-job training for new teachers and full training for in-service teachers.

Innovate the way of teacher morality education, and stimulate teachers' endogenous motivation to cultivate teacher morality through example guidance, situational experience, practical education, teacher-student interaction and other forms.

The construction of teachers' morality and professionalism runs through the whole process of teacher management, and strictly implements the first standard of teacher's morality and professionalism in qualification recognition, teacher recruitment, professional title evaluation, job employment, annual assessment, promotion and evaluation, commendation and rewards.

Improve the teacher's honor and commendation system, and increase the promotion of outstanding teachers' typical commendation.

Thoroughly implement the ten guidelines for professional behavior of kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers in the new era and the measures for handling violations of professional ethics by kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers, seriously investigate and deal with teachers' moral anomie behavior, increase the notification and warning of teachers' moral anomie behavior, and continue to carry out violations of teachers' professional behavior Report on typical cases of the ten guidelines.

Guide schools in various regions to carry out teacher moral warning education, and combine morality and law to improve the effectiveness of warning education.

Improve the legal literacy of all teachers.

Promote the implementation of the access inquiry system for faculty and staff.

Promote the construction of the base of teachers' morality and professionalism, promote the exploration of teachers' morality and professionalism construction mode, method innovation, and play a leading and exemplary role.

  (3) Build a national teacher education base.

Focus on supporting the construction of a number of national teacher education bases, building an open, collaborative, and linked modern teacher education system with normal colleges as the main body, high-level comprehensive universities as the main body, teacher development institutions as the link, and high-quality primary and secondary schools as the practice base.

The construction of the base focuses on strengthening the construction of the professional ability development center for normal students and the construction of the normal profession, deepening the reform of teacher education, and promoting the construction and application of teacher education informatization.

Increase the guidance and support for normal colleges and universities in terms of master's degree and education doctorate awarding units and authorization points, support high-level comprehensive universities to carry out teacher education, and promote the improvement of the quality of teacher training.

  (4) Carry out pilot projects for the construction and reform of the national teaching team.

Encourage and support the overall planning of local governments, closely cooperate with relevant departments, and cooperate with colleges and universities, teacher development institutions, primary and secondary schools, etc., to carry out regional teacher team construction and reform pilot projects, including normal student training, teacher professional development, teacher personnel management system reform, education and teaching research and reform, etc.

Summarize and promote the pilot experience, accelerate the construction of a modern teacher team governance system, and improve the level of education and teaching.

  (5) Establish a collaborative innovation platform for teacher education.

Encourage and support high-level normal colleges and universities to establish a collaborative innovation platform for teacher education, promote the sharing of high-quality curriculum resources, the sharing of discipline construction experience, and the joint research on educational and scientific research topics, so as to improve the overall level of teacher education in my country.

Give full play to the leading and demonstrative role of the subordinate normal universities, establish a collaborative mechanism for the training of teachers in the subordinate normal universities and local normal colleges, and support relevant colleges and universities in the region in educational scientific research, teacher education teacher team construction, teacher training and basic education services, etc. cooperation in the field.

Relying on high-level normal colleges and universities such as subordinate normal universities, it aims to train doctoral-level teacher education teachers for local normal colleges and universities.

Support some teachers' colleges and universities with a long history of running schools, high quality, obvious benefits, and urgent needs for local development to upgrade to ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities.

  (6) Implement the high-quality teacher talent training plan.

Continue to implement the excellent teacher training plan.

Promote the reform of the integrated excellent middle school teacher training model of overall design, segmented assessment, and continuous training at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels of education, and promote the pilot training of high-quality compound master-level high school teachers.

Promote the work of public-funded normal students of the Ministry of Normal University to study for a master's degree in education, and strengthen the management of contract performance.

Continue to implement the master teacher training plan for rural schools.

Expand the enrollment plan for Master of Education and Doctor of Education.

Adapt to the reform and development of basic education, follow the law of teacher growth, reform the teaching content of normal colleges and universities, improve teaching methods, strengthen educational practice links, and improve the quality of normal student training.

Implement the pilot plan of famous teachers and principals in the new cycle, and cultivate a group of educators who lead the reform and development of education and radiate and promote the improvement of the quality and ability of teachers in the region.

Build an "overpass" linking teacher training and academic education.

Support in-service teachers to further their studies and improve their academic qualifications.

  (7) Implement the targeted training plan for outstanding teachers in underdeveloped areas in the central and western regions.

Support the normal universities and high-level local normal colleges and universities under the Ministry, according to the needs of various places, train a group of high-quality teachers for the underdeveloped areas in the central and western regions every year, play a leading role in demonstration, and promote the local high schools and rural schools to further increase the supply of teachers in county-level high schools and rural schools. .

Excellent teacher orientation training program (hereinafter referred to as the excellent teacher program) in underdeveloped areas in the central and western regions is accepted in batches in advance. Students are exempted from tuition fees, accommodation fees, and subsidized living expenses during their studies at the school. For less than 6 years, the targeted employment county people's government shall coordinate the implementation of employment work according to the targeted training plan to ensure job and treatment guarantees.

Encourage and support the post-employment professional development of the excellent teacher plan normal students who perform their contracts, establish a tracking and guidance mechanism, and continuously improve their teaching and educating skills.

  (8) Deepening the reform of precision training.

Focus on the concept, requirements and reform of education and teaching methods of basic education curriculum reform, focus on the training of rural teachers and principals in underdeveloped areas in the central and western regions, give full play to the radiating and leading role of famous teachers and principals, and implement a five-year cycle of "national training plan". Demonstration Leading the training of all teachers across the country.

Give full play to the demonstration role of the construction of the national teacher development collaborative innovation experimental base, through the establishment of standards, project pull, transformation and restructuring, etc., to promote the establishment and improvement of the provincial teacher development institution system, and strengthen the county-level teacher development institutions and trainers, teaching and research staff teams .

Optimize the training content, create high-level curriculum resources, establish and improve the independent school selection mechanism and precise assistance mechanism, innovate the online and offline hybrid training mode, and improve the information technology application ability and scientific literacy of primary and secondary school teachers.

  (9) Improve the evaluation of normal colleges and universities.

Promote the accreditation of teacher training majors, clarify the basic requirements for the evaluation of education and teaching in normal colleges and related disciplines, and explore the establishment of a “double first-class” construction evaluation mechanism for teacher education that conforms to the laws of teacher education. One responsibility is to take the training of qualified teachers as the main assessment indicator, to promote the development of the characteristics of the teacher training profession and to pursue excellence.

  (10) Further improve the teacher qualification system.

Strictly control the entrance of teachers, and comprehensively promote the reform of the qualification examination and regular registration system for primary and secondary school teachers.

Teachers must obtain corresponding teacher qualifications and hold a teacher qualification certificate to teach.

Promote the reform of teachers' qualifications for primary and secondary school teachers who are exempted from the national primary and secondary school teacher qualification examinations (hereinafter referred to as the reform of examination-exemption certification), and carry out the quality review of teacher education colleges and universities.

Continue to do a good job in the reform of the examination-exemption certification for educational postgraduates, public-funded normal students and normal students of the excellent teacher program, and teacher education colleges and universities will assess the education and teaching ability of normal students.

Strict the requirements for the Mandarin level of applicants for teacher qualifications, and improve the national standard language education and teaching level for new teachers.

  (11) Optimizing the allocation of compulsory education teacher resources.

Deeply promote the management reform of "county-managed school employment" for teachers in compulsory education schools in the county, increase the supply of teachers in short-suffered disciplines such as music and physical beauty, labor education, information technology, and mental health education, and focus on strengthening outstanding teachers and principals in cities and towns. Weak schools will flow, play the role of excellent teachers and principals, expand the coverage of high-quality resources, and improve the school's ability to educate people as a whole.

Improve the exchange and rotation incentive mechanism, and make teaching in rural schools or weak schools for more than 1 year as a necessary condition for applying for senior professional titles, and more than 3 years as a priority for selecting primary and secondary school principals.

During the period of exchange and rotation in rural areas, principals of urban teachers shall enjoy the relevant subsidy policies for rural teachers according to regulations.

Implement the Silver Age Lecture Program to encourage and support retired outstanding principals and teachers who are dedicated and healthy to teach in rural and grass-roots schools.

Strengthen the construction of rural teachers' turnover dormitories, support local governments to improve the housing security system, increase the supply of affordable housing, and solve the problem of housing difficulties for teachers.

  (12) Optimize the staffing and allocation of staff.

Effectively implement the policy spirit of further tapping potentials and innovating and strengthening the management of primary and secondary school staff, make full use of the existing business establishment resources within the total amount, and timely verify the staff establishment according to standards, and give priority to meeting the needs of primary and secondary education development.

All localities should adhere to innovative management, integrate changes in demand, strengthen the dynamic adjustment of personnel and establishment, and continuously improve the efficiency of use.

Based on the actual situation, the staff establishment of the public kindergarten shall be reasonably approved, and the staff of the kindergarten shall be fully matched.

  (13) Deepen the reform of teachers' professional titles and improve the post management system.

Fully consider the characteristics and requirements of different regions, different stages of study, and different disciplines, further improve the evaluation standards for teachers' professional titles, and implement classified evaluations.

For primary and secondary school teachers who have worked in rural schools for a long time, the professional title evaluation and employment can be "targeted evaluation and targeted use" according to the regulations.

Guiding opinions on improving the post setting management of primary and secondary schools shall be issued, and the proportion of middle and senior post structures shall be appropriately increased.

To further implement the school's autonomy in running schools, qualified schools will self-evaluate and hire middle and junior professional titles and positions within the scope of the position structure according to the standards, recommend or hire senior professional titles and positions according to the management authority, and encourage local governments to further explore qualified schools. Self-evaluation and employment of senior professional titles and positions within the scope of the structure ratio.

  (14) Strengthen the protection of teachers' salary and benefits.

Increase funding security, effectively solve the problems of arrears in the salaries of compulsory education teachers and the payment of social insurance premiums, occupational annuities, housing provident funds, etc., and fully implement the requirement that the average salary income of compulsory education teachers should not be lower than the average salary income of local civil servants. The salary treatment policy for teachers in public kindergartens ensures timely and full payment, and private kindergartens reasonably determine the salary level of teachers with reference to public kindergartens.

Raise the standard of teaching age allowance.

Performance-based wages in various places should be tilted toward small-scale schools in rural areas and schools in hard and remote areas. It is necessary to improve the performance assessment methods for primary and secondary school teachers, and distribute performance-based wages to class teachers, front-line teachers with outstanding education and teaching effects, and teachers who work in special education classes. tilt.

All localities should continue to implement the rural teachers' living allowance policy, focus on improving the status and treatment of rural teachers, and form a pattern of "the more remote the school, the more difficult the conditions, the longer the teaching time, and the higher the teacher's treatment".

  (15) Promote the informatization of the construction of the teaching staff.

Build a normal student management information system, speed up the improvement of the teacher management information system and the teacher qualification management information system, and improve the management service support function.

Improve the national teacher management service informatization platform, which is accurate to people, and provides informatization decision-making and convenient service support for the construction of the teaching team.

Strengthen the security protection of information systems to ensure the security of teachers' information.

In-depth implementation of the pilot actions of AI-assisted teacher team building, exploring new paths and new models for AI-assisted teacher management optimization, teacher education reform, innovation in education and teaching methods, and targeted education assistance, summarizing pilot experience, refining innovative models, and gradually Promote the use nationwide, and further explore and play the role of teachers in the integration of artificial intelligence and education.

3. Implementation guarantee

  (1) Organizational guarantee.

Establish a coordination system for the plan for strengthening teachers in basic education in the new era, and promote the role of the local party committee's education work leading group. All localities and relevant colleges and universities should establish special classes for strengthening teachers, formulate specific implementation plans, and effectively strengthen coordination.

It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance, conduct in-depth and detailed policy publicity and interpretation, and respond to social concerns in a timely manner.

Education supervision departments at all levels should incorporate the implementation situation into the evaluation content of the government's performance of educational responsibilities, strengthen supervision and inspection, and strengthen the application of supervision results.

  (2) Policy guarantee.

All localities should care about teachers with enthusiasm, improve the teacher evaluation system and standards, formulate and issue local teacher incentives and support policies, promote the reduction of the burden on primary and secondary school teachers, and create a good trend of respecting teachers and valuing education in the whole society.

It is necessary to implement the guarantee of teachers' treatment according to laws and regulations as the bottom line requirement, support and serve teachers' professional development and lifelong growth, and ensure that various policies and measures are fully implemented and truly effective.

  (3) Financial security.

The central and local governments jointly support the implementation of the plan to strengthen teachers in basic education in the new era.

All localities should optimize the expenditure structure, give priority to the construction of teaching staff as the focus of educational investment, increase support for normal colleges and universities, raise the standard of funding per student for normal majors in a timely manner, focus on improving teachers' professional quality and ability, and improve teacher treatment guarantees.

Strictly implement the fund supervision system, standardize the use of funds, and ensure the efficiency of fund use.