In the Yamagata constituency of the upper house election in the summer, the LDP executives are coordinating to forgo the candidate's support, Moriyama, the former chairman of the Diet, said that it will affect the way of fighting nationwide. I asked.

In the summer House of Councilors election, the Liberal Democratic Party executive office is coordinating to forgo the candidate's support in the Yamagata constituency, where the incumbent of the Democratic Party for the People is scheduled to run for one person.

Former parliamentary chairman Moriyama said at a faction meeting, "We have a history of recommending independent candidates in the past, but we have never supported opposition candidates. It may affect the constituency of the country. "

After this, Mr. Moriyama told reporters, "It is unusual for the party not to make a candidate, and it is impossible for voters in Yamagata Prefecture to have no choice."

On the other hand, Endo, who also serves as the chairman of the Yamagata Prefectural Federation, said at another meeting, "I want to make the final decision on the Upper House election while looking at the overall flow. Since it is an election, there are various tactics and strategies. I would like to proceed while thinking about what is advantageous in order to firmly work on the revision of the Constitution under the circumstances. "