We start with news from North Korea commemorating the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong-un's official rule.

Correspondent Kim A-young.


It has been just 10 years this year since North Korea's general secretary, Kim Jong-un, became the first secretary of the Workers' Party and first chairman of the National Defense Commission after Kim Jong-il's death.

So North Korea has been very busy celebrating this these days.

This is the Central Reporting Conference held on the 10th at the 4.25 Cultural Center in Pyongyang.

Kim Jong-un did not attend, but his presence is no less than that of attending.

This is because the portrait in the people's clothes was hung large.

At the bottom are inscriptions congratulating the 10th anniversary of ascending to the top of the party and country.

[Choi Ryong-hae / Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly: The extraordinary historical weight of the 120 months filled with the immortal achievements and infinite glory of a great man who has not lived up to...


Since Kim Jong-un's photo was taken on Kim Jong-un's anniversary, it may seem obvious.

If you compare the same events held in April every year, there is a marked difference.

I have collected videos from 2013 to 2018, except for after 2019, when the Central Reporting Conference was not held.

It is different that the participants are not wearing masks, but the faces in the front are also different.

It is the same as Kim Jong-un's anniversary, but even at this time, his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, and his father, Kim Jong-il, were displayed.

[Choi Ryong-hae/April 2018, Vice-Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea at the time: Based on the achievements of the great leader and the great general in building a socialist state for many years.] Choosing the

face of Kim Jong-un after removing his predecessor's face would mean spurring the work of idolizing it. .

In particular, it is said that this year, a separate exhibition space has been prepared at the Joseon Revolutionary Museum to commemorate Kim Jong-un's achievements during his time.

It seems that a massive propaganda will follow along with ideological education.

[Cho Soon-jung / Lecturer at the Joseon Revolutionary Museum: (General Secretary Kim Jong-un) was an outstanding leader who fully demonstrated the superiority and power unique to our style of socialism.]

North Korea has already taken steps toward idolization.

The fact that Kim Jong-un took a picture of him riding a white horse looking for Mt. Baekdu was also portrayed as a hero.

This is a typical product of North Korean idolization.

It is a portrait badge worn by North Koreans on their chests.

So far, only the faces of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il have been used, but I do not know at what moment the faces of Kim Jong-un will be used.