Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian hosted a regular press conference on April 13, 2022

Photography: Xue Wei

CCTV reporter: The US State Department released the 2021 Country Report on Human Rights on the 12th, attacking China's political system and human rights situation.

The Chinese government continues to commit "genocide" and "crimes against humanity" against Uyghur Muslims and other minorities in Xinjiang, eroding basic freedoms and autonomy in Hong Kong, and systematically committing crimes in Tibet, U.S. Secretary of State Blinken said in a briefing. repression.

What is China's comment?

  Zhao Lijian: The China-related content of the US so-called "2021 Country Report on Human Rights" and Secretary Blinken's remarks disregard the facts, confuse right and wrong, and are full of political lies and ideological prejudice. China is strongly dissatisfied and firmly opposed to this.

  How China's human rights situation is, the Chinese people have a steel scale in their hearts; how well the Chinese government is capable of governance has long been seen by the international community.

None of this can be slandered by a few words or a report issued by some people in the United States.

Year after year, the US government uses the so-called human rights reports to slander China and attack many countries in the world in an attempt to portray itself as a "human rights judge" and a "human rights benchmark".

This just exposes the hypocrisy and double standards of the US side.

  When it comes to respecting and protecting human rights, the United States is full of debts and crimes at home and abroad.

Internally, human rights are an empty promise that the US government has never cashed.

The United States has the most advanced medical equipment and technology in the world, but it has become the country with the highest number of new coronary pneumonia infections and deaths in the world.

The U.S. government did not plan to fight the epidemic, it engaged in political manipulation, clamored for the leak of the virus in the laboratory, and allowed the "virus" of racism in the United States to spread together with the new crown virus, resulting in the frequent occurrence of anti-Asian hate crimes.

The United States has long pursued discriminatory immigration policies, which severely squeezed the living space of Hispanic, Asian and African immigrants; the immigration policy of "separation of flesh and blood", inhuman treatment such as extended detention, torture and forced labor seriously endangers the lives, dignity and freedom of immigrants .

There are many problems of gun violence in the United States, unfair law enforcement, prison abuse and other phenomena are frequent, and the American people live in fear of lack of security.

  Externally, human rights are a fig leaf for the US government to pursue hegemony.

The subversive acts and wars of the United States have caused a wave of refugees and immigrants, and more than 2 million refugees and immigrants have been generated in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria alone.

More than 900,000 people have lost their lives in the so-called "anti-terrorism" war waged by the United States for 20 years.

The US military operation in Afghanistan has not only claimed more than 100,000 lives, but also US$7 billion in life-saving money for the Afghan people.

The human rights tragedies created by America's secret network of prisons around the world have left the world in an uproar.

In the context of the impact of the new crown epidemic on the world economy, the United States still uses human rights as an excuse and sanctions as a means to pressure and threaten other countries.

This not only aggravates the humanitarian crisis in the relevant countries, but also threatens the global economic recovery and the stability of the industrial and supply chains.

  What the US should do is to immediately stop pointing fingers, attacking and slandering the human rights of other countries, earnestly self-examination and reform, and truly do something useful to improve the US's own human rights situation and the healthy development of the international human rights cause.

Global Times: According to reports, the US Department of Defense Intelligence released a report on the 12th, saying that the number of China's intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance satellites has continued to expand, second only to the United States.

The People's Liberation Army owns and operates about half of the world's reconnaissance satellites, most of which monitor, track and locate U.S. and allied forces in the Indo-Pacific region and around the world.

The report also said that China and Russia are continuing to develop and deploy laser weapons that can attack U.S. satellites.

How does China respond to this?

  Zhao Lijian: The US has repeatedly exaggerated the so-called "outer space threat" from China and Russia in disregard of the facts. The essence is to create an excuse for the US to develop its own military power and seek hegemony in outer space. It is also another manifestation of the US sticking to the Cold War mentality and shifting its own responsibility.

  The United States is the biggest threat to outer space security.

The U.S. government has openly defined outer space as a "combat domain", accelerated the establishment of the Outer Air Force and Outer Space Command, and vigorously developed and deployed offensive outer space weapons.

As a country with thousands of satellites, the United States is still intensively launching various satellites, including military reconnaissance satellites.

The U.S. military is also involved in substantial commercial space investments, procuring billions of dollars in commercial satellite services for military use.

At the same time, the United States has long passively resisted negotiating legal instruments on outer space control.

The United States has become the biggest obstacle to the process of outer space control.

  China has always advocated the peaceful use of outer space, opposed the weaponization and arms race in outer space, and actively promoted the building of a community with a shared future for mankind in outer space.

China's exploration of outer space is to meet the country's economic, social, technological and security needs.

  The U.S. government should earnestly shoulder its due responsibilities as a major power and review its own series of negative actions in the outer space field.

The U.S. side should stop promoting the so-called "China threat theory in outer space", stop blocking the negotiation process of legal instruments on outer space control, and make due contributions to maintaining lasting peace and security in outer space.

Xinhua News Agency: My question is about the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

One year ago, on April 13 last year, the Japanese government decided to discharge over one million tons of nuclear-contaminated water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the sea after filtering and diluting it. concern.

We have noticed that a few days ago, the Japanese people once again spontaneously organized a rally to oppose the decision to discharge the nuclear-contaminated water into the sea.

However, a year has passed, and the Japanese government has not rescinded the decision to discharge nuclear-contaminated water into the sea, nor has it given the international community a satisfactory answer.

What is China's comment?

  Zhao Lijian: China has repeatedly stated its position on this issue.

We express our serious concern and firm opposition to the unilateral decision of the Japanese government to discharge the water contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear power into the ocean.

  The potential harm to the marine ecological environment, food safety and human health caused by nuclear-polluted water discharged into the sea cannot be ignored.

Since the Japanese government made the decision to discharge nuclear-contaminated water into the sea a year ago, doubts and opposition from the Pacific Rim countries and the Japanese people have not stopped.

China, South Korea, Russia and some Pacific island countries have all expressed concern about Japan's decision to discharge nuclear sewage into the sea.

About 180,000 people from a number of non-governmental organizations in Japan have signed a joint statement to oppose the discharge of nuclear-polluted water into the sea.

However, the Japanese government has turned a deaf ear to the concerns of the international community and domestic public opinion, and has yet to provide a convincing explanation for the legitimacy of the sea discharge plan, the reliability of nuclear-contaminated water data, the effectiveness of purification devices, and the uncertainty of environmental impact.

Recently, the IAEA technical working group went to Japan twice to conduct on-site investigations. The investigation and evaluation work has not yet been completed, but the Japanese side continued to advance preparations for the discharge of nuclear-contaminated water into the sea, which is extremely irresponsible.

  What I want to stress is that what the Japanese side should do now is not to try to find excuses to justify the wrong decision to discharge nuclear-polluted water into the sea, but to face up to the legitimate concerns of the international community, earnestly fulfill its due responsibilities and obligations, and act in an open and transparent manner. , Dispose of nuclear polluted water in a scientific and safe way.

We urge the Japanese side to take a responsible attitude and fully consult with stakeholders including neighboring countries and relevant international institutions to find a proper solution.

Before that, Japan is not allowed to initiate the discharge of nuclear-contaminated water into the sea without authorization.

Australia-Asia TV reporter: The 7th "Our Ocean Conference" (OOC) co-organized by Palau and the United States will be held on the 13th and 14th.

A spokesman for Taiwan's foreign affairs department said that Taiwan's "presidential special envoy" Zhang Zijing attended the meeting with the official title of "Director of the Environmental Protection Agency".

What is the spokesperson's comment on this?

  Zhao Lijian: First of all, I want to stress that China does not recognize the so-called "presidential" special envoy of Taiwan.

The United States and Palau allow Taiwan officials to attend relevant meetings, which will create "two Chinas".

China is strongly dissatisfied and firmly opposed to this.

  There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory.

This is a historical and legal fact that no one can change.

The United States and Palau should abide by the one-China principle and not provide any stage for "Taiwan independence" separatist forces.

We also warn the DPP authorities that any attempt to make a so-called "breakthrough" in the world will eventually fail.

"Beijing Youth Daily" reporter: The Ukrainian crisis has caused the price of food and other commodities to rise. Food security has become an important topic of general concern in the international community, and it is crucial to national security and even world stability.

In this regard, I would like to ask what the spokesperson thinks?

  Zhao Lijian: After the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the United States and its allies launched round after round of unilateral sanctions against Russia.

However, the sanctions did not solve any problems, instead they made the already bleak world economic situation worse.

You mentioned the issue of food security just now. I noticed that even the President of the United States has to admit that sanctions against Russia have cost many countries, and food shortages have become a reality.

I also noticed that an article on the German foreign policy website pointed out that rising food prices may trigger "starvation riots" in the Arab world and lead to political unrest.

  At present, it is difficult enough for countries around the world to deal with the new crown epidemic while trying to recover their economies.

In this context, all-round and indiscriminate sanctions will not only cause new irreparable losses, but may also impact the existing world economic system, destroying the achievements of decades of efforts in international economic cooperation, and ultimately causing people of all countries to Paying a heavy price is unjust and unreasonable, and it goes against international morality and global public sentiment.

  Dealing with international and regional hotspot issues is not the only option of war and sanctions. Dialogue and negotiation are the fundamental solution and the correct way out that best serves the interests of all parties.

The international community should continue to provide assistance to promote the Russia-Ukraine negotiation process and create conditions for a political settlement.

As the initiator of the Ukrainian crisis, the United States should reflect more deeply, correct the old problem of arrogance and domineering, and encourage peace and talks instead of fueling the fire.

At the same time, the United States, as a major power in the world, has a greater responsibility to maintain the stability of the world economic system, rules and foundations. Countries in the world should not be allowed to pay for the unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States.

Pakistan News Agency: Shabazz Sharif, the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, delivered an inaugural speech in the National Assembly after being elected, saying that his government will speed up the high-quality construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and make it a symbol of China-Pakistan friendship.

What is the response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to this?

  Zhao Lijian: The Chinese side has noted Prime Minister Shabazz's remarks on the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and highly appreciates it.

Since the launch of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, it has made important contributions to Pakistan's economic development and improvement of people's livelihood, and has been widely praised and recognized by all walks of life.

The Chinese side is willing to work with the Pakistani side to continue to promote the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor with high quality, and build the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor into a high-quality construction demonstration project of the "Belt and Road".

Shenzhen Satellite TV: On the 12th local time, a shooting incident occurred in a Brooklyn subway station in New York City, USA, injuring at least 29 people.

What is China's comment?

Are there any casualties among Chinese citizens?

  Zhao Lijian: I have noticed relevant reports.

We have always opposed and condemned gun violence, and expressed our condolences to the injured and their families.

  The Chinese Consulate General in New York has immediately activated the consular protection emergency mechanism, and verified through multiple channels whether the incident involved Chinese citizens.

So far, the consulate general has not received any news of Chinese citizens being killed or injured in the incident.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate General in New York will continue to closely follow the progress of the incident.

We also remind Chinese citizens in the United States to increase their awareness of risk prevention and protect their own safety.

  Repeated tragedies like the Brooklyn subway station shooting have something to do with America's long-standing problem of gun proliferation and gun violence.

Gun violence has become a serious human rights disease in American society.

Coincidentally, on the same day as the shooting, the U.S. State Department released the 2021 Country Report on Human Rights.

Throughout the report, it criticized the human rights situation of other countries, but said nothing about its own deteriorating human rights situation.

Not to mention the serious systemic racial discrimination, violent law enforcement and other problems in the United States, the issue of gun violence alone, according to the "Gun Violence Archives" website, this year, more than 10,000 people in the United States have died of gun violence cases, including 131. mass shootings.

Isn't such a shocking figure worthy of the US's alertness?

Don't the lives and safety of our own people deserve the US's attention?

  America has become a veritable shooting nation.

We sincerely hope that tragedies like the New York subway shooting will never happen again, and we sincerely hope that the American people can live a life without shootings, without discrimination, without fear.

The US government is by no means a "human rights teacher".

What the U.S. government should do is to stop pointing fingers at other countries' human rights situation and do something real to improve the terrible human rights situation at home.

Reuters: An Australian minister on Wednesday asked the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands not to sign the security agreement, and said Australia would allocate A$160 million to support the institute this year.

What's your opinion?

  Zhao Lijian: I will not comment on what you mentioned about the relationship between Australia and Solomon.

What I want to stress is that the security cooperation between China and Solomon Islands is based on the principles of mutual equality, mutual benefit and win-win results. and peace, stability and development in the South Pacific region.

The security cooperation between China and Solomon Islands does not target any third party, and does not conflict with the cooperation between Solomon Islands and other countries, which can form a useful supplement to the existing cooperation mechanism in the region.

Relevant countries should treat it with an objective and rational attitude, respect the sovereignty and independent choices of China and Solomon Islands, refrain from provoking confrontation and creating divisions in island countries, and do more things that are conducive to regional peace, stability and development.

Bloomberg: U.S. President Biden said the exposed killings by Russian troops in Ukraine constituted "genocide."

What is the comment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on this?

  Zhao Lijian: We have noticed relevant reports.

China has always maintained that on the Ukraine issue, the top priority for all parties concerned is to remain calm and restrained, cease fire and end the war as soon as possible, and avoid a large-scale humanitarian crisis.

Any effort by the international community should cool tensions rather than fuel them, and should push for a diplomatic solution rather than further escalation.

Bloomberg: It was reported that the US, the UK and Australia asked the Japanese government whether to join the US-UK-Australia trilateral security partnership. A Japanese official denied this, saying the information was not true.

What is the comment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on this?

  Zhao Lijian: China has noted relevant reports.

The establishment of the so-called "trilateral security partnership" between the United States, Britain and Australia is in essence a form of bloc politics and military cooperation to provoke military confrontation.

This is typical Cold War mentality.

Under this framework, the United States, Britain and Australia carry out extremely sensitive military cooperation such as nuclear-powered submarines and hypersonic weapons.

This will not only increase the risk of nuclear proliferation and impact the international nuclear non-proliferation regime, but will also intensify the arms race in the Asia-Pacific and undermine regional peace and stability.

China is seriously concerned and firmly opposed to this.

  The United States, Britain and Australia should face up to the aspirations of Asia-Pacific countries for peace, development and cooperation, abandon the Cold War mentality and zero-sum game, faithfully fulfill their international obligations, and do more things that are conducive to regional peace and development.